Guide to Order A Custom Wedding Dress

Women always look forward to the chance to get married in front of their families. A custom wedding dress could make the event more memorable overall too. Belier Dress is ready to help women get the perfect outfit for the big stage as well. Brides can get the perfect look that they want to see for themselves. A custom wedding dress could be everything that they want to wear. Hire a tailor that understands how to make the perfect custom wedding dress for any kind of event. That will appeal to a lot of people waiting to see the custom wedding dress.

Choose a style of custom wedding dress made for the event itself. The wedding day is a big-time event that draws in a lot of attention. The bride will need to be ready for a spectacular dress that everyone appreciates. A tailor can customize the fabric and get it looking its best in no time flat too. The custom wedding dress is more important than a lot of people think. That is a worthwhile consideration and could make the dress even better over time. Think through some of these details if possible as well.

Dimensions and details will be valuable for anyone wearing the custom wedding dress. People want to get the right style of dress that they can showcase for their wedding. People genuinely want to get the dress looking its best as they move forward. There are details that really do appeal to a lot of people out there as well. The tailor can showcase incredible new designs that everyone will want to see. Get opinions from friends and family members before moving on with the process. The tailor is waiting to get direction from the bride before the big day starts.

Reviews are coming in for the custom wedding dress concept. People really want to learn a little more about the dress and what it has to offer. These reviews shed light on the experience behind customizing the dress itself. A tailor will pride themselves on the work being done at their shop. A custom wedding dress is sure to appeal to anyone who wants their own style. Leave new reviews based on the quality of the dress that arrives on site. Brides are often taken in by the incredible details that they see. A custom wedding dress is more popular than ever for many.

The price tag for the custom wedding dress could be high. The tailor has their own fees to consider when they are doing work. The shop needs to be funded to continue work as usual on location. A custom wedding dress is a valuable option that people want to explore in good time. A bride will take a lot of pride in the dress that they have selected for the event. The wedding might have a fixed value waiting for those interested. Details emerge and keep people in the know about the custom wedding dress.


Ideas to shine with black prom dresses

Many girls wear black prom dresses for an evening, but few know how to wear it correctly. Squeezing the juice out of every inch of fabric, to achieve pure elegance and sensuality. It is the key garment that should be in your wardrobe every season. Turning them indispensable, essential and timeless. Therefore, we advise you how to take advantage of your Jovani black prom dresses to the fullest.

For all occasions

The color black has personality, is considered elegant while reflecting authority and power in any event. It will never go out of style because you can reinvent it with some accessories. Making it suitable for every meeting.

If your reunion will be during the day and outdoors, you can wear a short black tight dress. But the ideal is that the length is below your knees. For that occasion, you can use a soft material dress, like the wool crepe.

If it is at night, the fabric can be a little thicker. It must also be tight, and you can wear suspenders. It is recommended that the corset is in the shape of a heart.

It is adaptable

The black prom dress adapts to different body shapes. If you are a woman with a big bust, a round neck dress is your best option, so you will visually reduce in size. On the other hand, if you want to highlight your waist, the dress can be achieved if you complete it with a belt. This trick will enhance your hips. Try to match it with your shoes. The belt will give shape to a baggy design but will accentuate the fit ones.

The empire-cut dress hides imperfections like the pronounced abdomen and wide hips. The V-cut and sleeveless design is great for petite women.

Combine it

It must be a basic element in every woman’s wardrobe. It is versatile because of the number of combinations that can be made with it. Among the accessories are the shoes, because they manage to transform the look of any garment.

If you want to have a sober appearance, the shoes for this style are closed and a thin heel will make you look formal. If you are looking for the opposite, to become a bit daring and leave the formality aside, you can complement the black dress with some boots or ballerinas. If your style is pure elegance, it is appropriate to wear open high-heeled shoes or high sandals. If one of these shoes goes in red, you will complete the perfect look, because it is the best ally of black.

Other accessories that change the view of your black dress are the belt, the purse, or the jewelry. A colorful necklace or a multicolored bracelet will enhance any style. The silver highlights with black and provides a touch of sophistication without reaching formality.

Short dress

One of the advantages of wearing a short black dress is that you can add other clothes without losing style. You can wear a blazer or a long vest over the dress. Also, a fur coat of a striking color adss life to black.

If you have chosen a short dress, it is because you want to look and feel fresh, but at the same time, you understand that you must be formal because of the size of the event. Play with the accessories; you can use a colorful handbag or try with prints and textures. If it happens during winter, accompany it with some long boots with a contrast color.


Harmonizing your look will depend on the type and color of makeup that you decide to wear. You must follow specific guidelines to achieve it. The smoke eyes or smoky eyes technique is suitable for the night; the delineation of deep eyes with shadow blur and mascara. The rest of the makeup should be neutral, since the idea is to highlight the eyes. Use glosstodecorateyourlips.


While it is true that the black color mixes with everything, avoid dark brown, navy blue or white. Also, using feathers on the head or Gilda gloves will take away all the elegance and sobriety of the outfit. Furthermore, the big bags are forbidden for social events; they do not add anything to your look.


LuLaRoe Washing Instructions

The clothes we wear can tell a lot about our general personalities. Taking good care of what we put on means taking good care of our personalities. But it is not always easy to care for clothes, especially those made from sensitive material.

This piece takes a brief look at what LuLaRoe is, LuLaRoe washing instructions, how to wash LuLaRoe and some other interesting facts about the clothing.

Getting to know LuLaRoe

It is a clothing brand based in the U.S (Corona, California) founded in the year 2012. It sells women’s clothes through social media platforms.

Among other things the brand is known to distribute a limited number of products with unique fabric pattern designs. These bright patterns are significant in all dresses, leggings and shirts that are distributed through what is called MLM (multi-level marketing).

The unique patterns on each piece of clothing makes this brand a favorite among many women. But not all of the products are a success according to some distributors; some patterns are just harder to sell than others.

Reasons why you should take better care of your LuLaRoeclothing

*Design (prints and patterns)

Remember that only a limited number of designs are manufactured and distributed. This means if you let the last piece of clothing slip through your fingers, you may never find it anywhere else again.

*Fabric quality

If you are a super busy woman this will most likely put a smile on your face. The fabric is wrinkle resistant. If you have a significant collection in your wardrobe imagine how much time you will save not ironing any of them.


Creating a unique outfit with these threads is easy. However, this will require some level of creativity. But all you need to do is find the right pattern to go with the right color.

You also need to be aware of your body type. It is said that LuLaRoe brand is for skinny people. That’s just what people say when they run out of outfit ideas.

LuLaRoe Washing Instructions…….How to Wash LuLaRoe

The methods we use to wash our clothes can sometimes be damaging to them. For instance: putting bras in the washing machine with other clothes may completely ruin them. This is why it is important to know how to care for your favorite clothes.

Before washing the clothes

* Separate LuLaRoe from other clothing.

* Make sure to dissolve the washing powder in the water before you place the clothes in the washing bowl.

* Never use hot or warm water to wash this sort of material.

Washing your clothes

There is nothing out of the ordinary here, only a few things to remember.

Number 1: turn the piece of clothing inside out before putting it in water.

Number 2: always give your clothes a gentle hand wash. Lastly: never hang them on the line, they will stretch and loose shape completely.

It is quite clear that this brand offers some fantastic fashion perspectives. Any piece of clothing that allows you to look unique with every outfit is certainly worth looking into. Just remember to take better care of your distinctive designs or you may never find them again.


Top 5 Indo Western Dresses Must Have for Modern Women


Wearing an indo western dress is the best thing in the current fashion world. This is because when the best of both the worlds is merged in single staple, the style quotient of the wearer reaches to another level. Indian fashion and western fashion are poles apart but both are equally stylish and engaging. This is why when designers decided to play with the silhouettes of both these different fashion worlds, they received huge appreciation for their incredible work and skilful art. And why won’t they when they have come out with some fabulous silhouettes??? Here are five gorgeous types of indo western dresses which are must have for modern women and are the best choices for every occasion and season. These are comfortable, stylish and highly fashionable. Wear such chic clothes with bold jewellery and accessories and add plenty of charm to your casual dressing style. All these clothes are suitable for both casual and important occasions. Sneak in…

Crop Top & Lehenga Skirt


Ditch forever traditional lehenga for modern crop top and lehenga set. The style is classier and more awe-striking than the old lehenga choli design. It also allows you to drop dupatta and stay comfortable in your complete ensemble. Wear this indo western attire for occasions like weddings, festivals, family functions and other grand celebrations and become the star of every gala.

Make sure to pick right colour and pattern to achieve the desired appeal and call it a statement.

Bohemian Touch


How about wearing a casual printed bottom and layering it with trendy cape style tunic??? Well, this is how fashionistas like to dress up at every hour to stay stylish and comfortable at the same time. Bohemian touch has become a part of our casual dressing and ditching it would be a great mistake I believe. Wear such style to impress everyone and take your fashion game to another level. You go, girl!

Bold Pant Suit

Pant suits are one of the most popular and trendiest women wear of current time and these indo western clothes are hugely admired by fashion experts. The fact that the attire has elegance of Indian fashion and boldness of western world make it ultimate choice for any woman at any time. Isn’t this what you should wear for your best friend’s big day???

Powerful Palazzo Suit


Palazzo suits are also one category which has come out in a greater way in recent time. These luxurious women suits are widely known for their comfortable appearance and captivating style. Team up these powerful clothes with trendy accessories and exhibit your flawless style in the best way possible.

Indo Western Gown


A lavish floor-length gown inspired by western trend and ethnic swag – don’t you think the attire is the best outcome of indo western style!?

Get all these amazing indo western dresses in your lovely closet and refresh your style statement in a snap. You are all worth it, girl.

Manisha Dubey


Make your husband’s birthday a memorable one

Love is the key to a good marriage; for a wife everything starts from the husband and ends on him, it is his happiness that matters the most. Wife’s act as a support system in the life of their husband’s, they are there to support them during their up’s and down’s. The relationship between a wife and a husband is based not only on love but also on respect; wives hold a lot of respect for their husbands. There are a lot of times that wives do not agree with their husbands but that don’t respect their opinion; the whole relationship is based on trust, respect and love. A lot of girls who get married early do not know a lot of things, so this is when the husbands help. A lot of husbands these days put in all the effort to make their wife feel comfortable and help her in adjusting to the new phase called marriage.

Unlike women, men are not that fond of birthdays; for them it is just another day but who doesn’t want to feel special. So even though your husband is not fond of celebrating his birthday it is your duty to make it a memorable day for him. With women it is like even a small gesture of love would make them happy as they think from their heart but with the men it is different. They are completely opposite and only a few things can make them happy. So a wife needs to really think out of the box to make her husband’s birthday special. Make him feel that he is your whole world and surprise him in a unique way so that he remembers it forever.

Wish your husband

  • Instead of decorating the room at midnight, you can take him out to his favourite hangout place and call his friends to cut the cake and wish him.
  • Make him watch his favourite movie and get him his favourite beer; this is the can be the ideal way to wish him.
  • Bake him his favourite flavour cake and cook his favourite dish. Food is the best birthday wish for husband.
  • Throw him a surprise birthday party at midnight, call all his loved ones. This is something he will cherish forever.

So these are a few ways of making birthday wishes for husband, you can be innovative and try some other ideas if you have any to wish your husband.

Gifting options

  • It is not possible for everyone to wish your husband in person; so you can make a video of messages sent by all his friends and relatives. Birthday messages from old friends are something that would make him nostalgic as well as happy at the same time.
  • Men are fond of games so buy him a play station or an Xbox to play his favourite games in his free time.
  • If your husband is a fitness freak then you can gift him one of those fit bit watches.

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Being the wife you really need to be innovative with the birthday wishes for husband as well as while choosing the gift.

Foot wear

Plimsolls Are Great Summer Shoes; Here’s Why

Plimsolls, a name we don’t often hear. Plimsolls are an upper canvas shoe with a rubber bottom. These types of shoes are also known as beach shoes as they were originally designed for the beach. The shoes had a line around the rim of the rubber sole where it met up with the canvas upper where it was glued together. The purpose of this line was to indicate the point where the shoes could safely be wet. The name Plimsolls comes from the mark on the ships hull that shows the maximum depth to where the ship may safely immerse into the water with cargo.

Men’s Plimsollsare versatile and can be used for going out, for working on the dock or just lounging around the home. Even though they are labelled boat shoes, they are not just for the docks. These shoes are very affordable they are budget-friendly then ranging into the high-priced shoes as well. The good thing about the shoes being affordable is the fact you can buy several pairs and mix and match, rotating different colors and styles with your look for the day. They are very comfortable and wear just like a pair of hard soled slippers.

Plimsolls wear very well they hardly scuff or end up looking battered. They wash easily if you need to and with the white soles, there is no worry about leaving black scuff marks on the floor. If your choosing to wear boot cut jeans, then you need to opt for a more chunkier style boat shoe and if wearing a suit go for the converse brand that makes very thin-soled shoes. If your wearing shorts or ¾ pants avoid wearing socks if you can’t then go for sports or low-cut socks.

Boat shoes wash great but be sure to check the directions for each brand shoe, but most can be put in the washing machine in a shoe bag and washed on a gentle cycle and come out great.Plimsolls offer plenty of choice in the color range, styles, patterns and even brands. If you want stylish and affordable, then Plimsolls are your go to.A few top brands that have got on the bandwagon of designing their version of the boat shoe:

Vans slip on’s are a streetwear shoe that slips on and goes well with wide leg pants.

Superga these are the shoes of Italy comfortable and easy to style.

Converse Chuck Taylor is a classic design that goes well with slim legged jeans.

The novesta star master has a modern design about them these shoes are more designed for big fashion enthusiasts.

Toms alpargata are flexible and casual that go well in the warmer weather.

Plimsolls are affordable, and with the large design range, you can find exactly what style and colors you are looking for. Plimsolls are designed for all types of men around the globe, have passed the durability tests and with their growing range of modern and classic designs, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have one or a few pairs lined up in your wardrobe for every occasion.

Health & Beauty

Peruvian hair extensions can enhance your beauty like never before!

Having healthy, thick and glossy hair is perhaps every woman’s dream! But this dream falls flat on its face when you don’t take proper care of your hair or you don’t protect it from UV rays, hard water and chemicals. Also, an unhealthy eating habit and stress can kill your hair’s natural beauty easily. And hair care potions like oils, shampoos and masks don’t always deliver on their promise, right? But don’t fret if you can find a solution to your hair woes! Peruvian hair extensions from QYQ will take care of it. Made of superior quality and 100% natural virgin hair with cuticles intact, these extensions will complement your original hair nicely, and can be used glued on in seconds too.

Why are Peruvian extensions so hot?

Peruvian extensions are very soft and extremely lightweight. You can use up to 4 or 5 bundles together without feeling heavy in the head! They look beautiful and have a subtle shine as well. The extensions are natural and without any processing or treatment. They can be managed and maintained easily, and you can color or style them according to your wish too.

The extensions come in three different styles such as straight, S-shaped wave and deep curls. Depending on your mood or the occasion, you can use the style you want! The hair is obtained from healthy donors and hence will last you long. With these lightweight Peruvian extensions, you can achieve a fun and relaxed look any time you want.

The extensions come in different lengths and don’t require much maintenance. When you use these, you won’t have to worry about hair fall or tangling. You can use heat on them for styling without worrying about damage as well. While the straight style will suit you for an office meeting or a formal date, the wavy style will create an exotic look for you. The deep curls are ideal on a vacation or a girls’ night out.

Getting your dream hair is easy now

You can now purchase the hair extension you love online from QYQ and pay through debit or credit cards or PayPal. Any shipping in UK is free and you will get the product at your doorstep in a few days. Your information is not shared anywhere and kept private. All you have to do is choose the length and style of extension you want and place your order. Remember that these extensions are very safe to use and won’t cause any side effects on your scalp or harm your original hair. So, go ahead and buy the extension you like and look like a diva without any hassle.

Clothing Men's Fashion

5 ways to style yourself with mandarin collar jackets!

The styling statements keep changing with time and people find something more alluring to wear. The mandarin collar is among those trends, this type of clothing style is in trend due to its classy look that gives a sharp appearance to the person wearing. The mandarin collars are short unfolded stand up collar available in shirts or jackets for men. The mandarin collars start from the neckline and typically use up to 4-5 centimeters vertically. The mandarin collars itself fashion statements for people but you can add more style to it with the help with these 5 ways.

  1. More Mandarin Focused Dress up

The ideas are to keep the mandarin collar the focus of your clothing style to make sure it is reflecting the expected style. You need be minimalistic in term of wearing other things that could contrast with the collar and clash each other in terms of getting attention. It is important that your mandarin collar shows take the center stage in your appearance.

  1. Paired Mandarin Collar with the perfect bottom wear

You should pair you mandarin collar with the most suitable option available in bottom wear as the collar alone won’t give you a complete look. The complete look will come with the combination of the mandarin collar with a bottom wear that suits your body shape and type of mandarin shirt or jacket you are wearing. You can choose shorts, jeans, chinos, trouser or formal tapered trousers to make complete your mandarin collar look. If you want to give a casual touch to your look you need to be very careful while selecting the mandarin collar shirt or jacket that could be paired with jeans easily.

  1. Add more mandarin style

If you don’t want to go along with a mandarin shirt and feels like to add some more wear to it you have options for that too. You can add a mandarin collar jacket or blazer on the shirt to get a sharper look. Blue color mandarin blazer will be a perfect, match for your mandarin shirt if you are preparing for a formal attire. You can also take a sleeveless mandarin blazer to become a more casual type. However, wearing something over a mandarin collar shirt needs leaves you with the only option of choosing any mandarin collar jacket or blazer.

  1. Accessories

To be in the more mandarin look you need to keep your accessories a bit low in the look, you can go with simple shoes, textured belt, and a pocket square if you want to. Adding attention casting accessories will harm your whole mandarin collar attire and the contracts will no longer let the look to spread around that you planned.

  1. Extra Tips

In case you don’t want a clear and clean mandarin look you can experiment with the style a bit by using printed mandarin collar shirts or jackets. Don’t remember to cuff your sleeves and add a pair of sunglasses or a hat to the look.

Health & Beauty

How to Prepare for Waxing

Preparing for the waxing process is as important as the procedure itself. You need to book your appointment in advance so that the wax-performing aesthetic expert can take you through the preparation process. Lack of sufficient preparation can make you hate the whole procedure yet waxing is the most effective way of getting rid of unwanted hair off your body. Below are some tips that can guide you through this preparation process.

Make Sure You Prepare Your Skin Before Hand

Most waxing professionals will tell you that preparing your skin for the waxing session is as important as mapping out your allergies. It is advisable to begin with exfoliated skin to make sure that the wax will flow without any drawbacks. Exfoliating before the waxing process will hold the dead skin cells hostage and allow the hairs to be broken through the surface. Similarly, it is not advisable to shave before applying the wax. This makes the process more complicated than it should be. The length of the hair should be approximately a quarter an inch in if you want waxing to be effective. However, you are at liberty to shave or tweeze any stray hairs one or two days after the wax appointment. However, it is advisable to allow it to grow out before your next waxing appointment.

Prepare for Some Pain

Pain is one of the unavoidable elements of waxing that most people dread. In fact, this can tempt you to cancel your appointment. You cannot completely avoid pain during the waxing process but experts like know how to minimize this pain. Therefore, you should not fear going for this exercise but instead prepare for some pain. You can reduce the pain further by avoiding triggers such as caffeine and alcohol a few days before you go for the waxing. This is the only way to make the whole process more bearable. The most critical trick is to shy away from workouts, caffeine, and alcohol beforehand. Such exposure will induce blood circulation and this will make the whole process more painful.

One your appointment date is there with you, you can use an over-the-counter pain reliever to further manage the pain. Pain relievers like Aleve and Advil work well but make sure you avoid aspirin because it has an effect of inducing the flow of blood. You can take these pain killers close to 45 minutes before your appointment time.

Choose your wax in advance

Waxing is not a single formula that fits all situations. There are various kinds of waxes that are tailored to handle different situations. The main difference is between the soft and hard waxes. The type of wax you choose fully depends on the application area. Hard wax is usually applied in the bikini, underarms, and the face. On the contrary, soft wax is ideal for the hands and other areas of the body like the arms and legs. Make sure you know that type of wax that you will be using before the appointment date.


Flattering Summer Fashion For Older Women

There’s no reason to believe that women get less interested in looking fabulous as they age. In fact, most older women find that they feel far more confident in middle age and onward than they did in their 20s, despite the myths that might say otherwise. If you’re an older woman who still loves to dress up, look gorgeous, and feel confident through the summer months, use these flattering fashion tips to stay on trend without breaking a sweat.

Think Sunny With Florals

There’s no time like summer to break out those pretty floral sundresses. While the spaghetti straps and low necklines of your teen years may be less appealing these days, an older woman can still look stunning in a classically cut floral dress. Brands like teaberry clothing specialise in perfectly tailored dresses that flatter a vast range of body types, so you’ll easily find a floral dress that you’ll feel breezy and beautiful in this summer.

Some older women find that they feel self-conscious exposing their arms in the summer months – fortunately, a sundress looks just as gorgeous with a light cardigan thrown over the top, or a pashmina to cover the upper arms on formal occasions. If you prefer a more structured look and something less laid-back, a tailored blazer jacket instantly adds a chic edge to a sundress. Play around with patterns and colours to find the look that you feel best in.

Experiment With Quirky Trends

There’s no need to retreat into the world of old-fashioned styles as soon as you hit 40 if you naturally prefer to push the envelope with your sartorial choices. Some of this summer’s hottest trends work just as well for 50-somethings as they do for university students. For example, jumpsuits are a great way to stay stylish without sacrificing summer comfort or flattering fits. You can opt for a more formal dressy jumpsuit in a beautiful print for a wedding or evening out, or keep it casual with a slouchy denim jumpsuit for a BBQ in the back garden. Dress yours up with wedges for added height and extra confidence.

If the jumpsuit isn’t your thing, you may want to give the kimono trend a shot. Kimonos are more than just an iconic cultural costume – they’re also a comfortable and timelessly stylish fashion statement. You can play around with prints to mix things up from day to day, layer over skinny jeans for a sharper look, or belt it to draw attention to a narrow waist. When worn loose, a kimono can cover up the areas of your body that you’re self conscious about while keeping you cool in hot weather.

Wear The Classics

There are certain fashion pieces that are timeless and never go out of style, and many of them work perfectly for summer regardless of your age. A loose fitted, clean white shirt always looks stunning over a comfortable pair of jeans and can be worn lounging at home or out to dinner without ever looking out of place. Similarly, oversized sunglasses will quickly cover up wrinkles around the eyes, shield your face from harsh sunlight to protect your skin, and ensure that you look like a French film star all summer long. There’s no way to get these classic pieces wrong; simply wear them with confidence.