Ski Layer Guide

If you’re looking for an excuse to hit the slopes, there’s no better time than now to pack up your beach towels and head for the mountains. Before you go, don’t forget to prepare your wardrobe for something much colder than the beach.

A good outer layer is critical for staying dry and warm, but what you wear under your shell is just as important. You want to make sure that your inner layers wick away sweat and trap heat so you can stay comfortable.

Base Layers

Thin base layers make versatile garments you can use for all kinds of layering. Put on a soft, breathable jersey fabric that keeps heat in and moisture out before you stack on your other gear.

This will ensure that none of the cold will slip in against your skin. These types of fabrics stay relatively odor free, so you can wear it more than once before you have to wash it. Maintenance on these garments is easy, so you can focus on comfort and fun.


Leggings that are lightweight and tight fitting help you keep your range of motion while still trapping heat and keeping the cold out. Soft, thermo-conducting coatings absorb your body heat and maintain that temperature, so you generate your own heat. The quick dry exterior keeps moisture out and stays dry, so you’re comfortable all day.

Leggings double as chic and classy pants for any occasion. Pack an extra pair that you can dress up for an evening on the town or a cozy cuddle sesh at the movies.


Vests are an excellent solution for wearing over your base layer and under your shell. They protect your core and keep it warm, but give your arms the range of motion they need to navigate the slopes. Vests with zippered pockets are the perfect place to store your valuables.

Vests are also stylish options for your after-skiing dinner date. Dress up your travel wear with a fur-lined vest to keep you toasty and glamorous. Pair it with the fantastic leggings we just talked about, and you’ll be snug and dry.


Fleece is the perfect material for mid layers because it traps heat and stays dry. Your outer layers are meant to keep snow out, but that doesn’t mean you won’t sweat or take a tumble. If you happen to get wet, fleece will keep you warm.

Fleece is lightweight, so it doesn’t add much substance, and it’s soft, so you’ll stay comfortable. It also naturally repels odors, so you can get by with just one or two items for your entire trip.

Fleece is also a great pullover jacket for cold weather, keeping you warm when you grab your morning coffee or take a break from skiing to get a snack.

These layers are optional but highly recommended to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. They’re all versatile enough to wear more than once and in more situations than just snow sports. Make your purchase worthwhile by choosing something stylish and functional.


Guide to Order A Custom Wedding Dress

Women always look forward to the chance to get married in front of their families. A custom wedding dress could make the event more memorable overall too. Belier Dress is ready to help women get the perfect outfit for the big stage as well. Brides can get the perfect look that they want to see for themselves. A custom wedding dress could be everything that they want to wear. Hire a tailor that understands how to make the perfect custom wedding dress for any kind of event. That will appeal to a lot of people waiting to see the custom wedding dress.

Choose a style of custom wedding dress made for the event itself. The wedding day is a big-time event that draws in a lot of attention. The bride will need to be ready for a spectacular dress that everyone appreciates. A tailor can customize the fabric and get it looking its best in no time flat too. The custom wedding dress is more important than a lot of people think. That is a worthwhile consideration and could make the dress even better over time. Think through some of these details if possible as well.

Dimensions and details will be valuable for anyone wearing the custom wedding dress. People want to get the right style of dress that they can showcase for their wedding. People genuinely want to get the dress looking its best as they move forward. There are details that really do appeal to a lot of people out there as well. The tailor can showcase incredible new designs that everyone will want to see. Get opinions from friends and family members before moving on with the process. The tailor is waiting to get direction from the bride before the big day starts.

Reviews are coming in for the custom wedding dress concept. People really want to learn a little more about the dress and what it has to offer. These reviews shed light on the experience behind customizing the dress itself. A tailor will pride themselves on the work being done at their shop. A custom wedding dress is sure to appeal to anyone who wants their own style. Leave new reviews based on the quality of the dress that arrives on site. Brides are often taken in by the incredible details that they see. A custom wedding dress is more popular than ever for many.

The price tag for the custom wedding dress could be high. The tailor has their own fees to consider when they are doing work. The shop needs to be funded to continue work as usual on location. A custom wedding dress is a valuable option that people want to explore in good time. A bride will take a lot of pride in the dress that they have selected for the event. The wedding might have a fixed value waiting for those interested. Details emerge and keep people in the know about the custom wedding dress.


Ideas to shine with black prom dresses

Many girls wear black prom dresses for an evening, but few know how to wear it correctly. Squeezing the juice out of every inch of fabric, to achieve pure elegance and sensuality. It is the key garment that should be in your wardrobe every season. Turning them indispensable, essential and timeless. Therefore, we advise you how to take advantage of your Jovani black prom dresses to the fullest.

For all occasions

The color black has personality, is considered elegant while reflecting authority and power in any event. It will never go out of style because you can reinvent it with some accessories. Making it suitable for every meeting.

If your reunion will be during the day and outdoors, you can wear a short black tight dress. But the ideal is that the length is below your knees. For that occasion, you can use a soft material dress, like the wool crepe.

If it is at night, the fabric can be a little thicker. It must also be tight, and you can wear suspenders. It is recommended that the corset is in the shape of a heart.

It is adaptable

The black prom dress adapts to different body shapes. If you are a woman with a big bust, a round neck dress is your best option, so you will visually reduce in size. On the other hand, if you want to highlight your waist, the dress can be achieved if you complete it with a belt. This trick will enhance your hips. Try to match it with your shoes. The belt will give shape to a baggy design but will accentuate the fit ones.

The empire-cut dress hides imperfections like the pronounced abdomen and wide hips. The V-cut and sleeveless design is great for petite women.

Combine it

It must be a basic element in every woman’s wardrobe. It is versatile because of the number of combinations that can be made with it. Among the accessories are the shoes, because they manage to transform the look of any garment.

If you want to have a sober appearance, the shoes for this style are closed and a thin heel will make you look formal. If you are looking for the opposite, to become a bit daring and leave the formality aside, you can complement the black dress with some boots or ballerinas. If your style is pure elegance, it is appropriate to wear open high-heeled shoes or high sandals. If one of these shoes goes in red, you will complete the perfect look, because it is the best ally of black.

Other accessories that change the view of your black dress are the belt, the purse, or the jewelry. A colorful necklace or a multicolored bracelet will enhance any style. The silver highlights with black and provides a touch of sophistication without reaching formality.

Short dress

One of the advantages of wearing a short black dress is that you can add other clothes without losing style. You can wear a blazer or a long vest over the dress. Also, a fur coat of a striking color adss life to black.

If you have chosen a short dress, it is because you want to look and feel fresh, but at the same time, you understand that you must be formal because of the size of the event. Play with the accessories; you can use a colorful handbag or try with prints and textures. If it happens during winter, accompany it with some long boots with a contrast color.


Harmonizing your look will depend on the type and color of makeup that you decide to wear. You must follow specific guidelines to achieve it. The smoke eyes or smoky eyes technique is suitable for the night; the delineation of deep eyes with shadow blur and mascara. The rest of the makeup should be neutral, since the idea is to highlight the eyes. Use glosstodecorateyourlips.


While it is true that the black color mixes with everything, avoid dark brown, navy blue or white. Also, using feathers on the head or Gilda gloves will take away all the elegance and sobriety of the outfit. Furthermore, the big bags are forbidden for social events; they do not add anything to your look.


LuLaRoe Washing Instructions

The clothes we wear can tell a lot about our general personalities. Taking good care of what we put on means taking good care of our personalities. But it is not always easy to care for clothes, especially those made from sensitive material.

This piece takes a brief look at what LuLaRoe is, LuLaRoe washing instructions, how to wash LuLaRoe and some other interesting facts about the clothing.

Getting to know LuLaRoe

It is a clothing brand based in the U.S (Corona, California) founded in the year 2012. It sells women’s clothes through social media platforms.

Among other things the brand is known to distribute a limited number of products with unique fabric pattern designs. These bright patterns are significant in all dresses, leggings and shirts that are distributed through what is called MLM (multi-level marketing).

The unique patterns on each piece of clothing makes this brand a favorite among many women. But not all of the products are a success according to some distributors; some patterns are just harder to sell than others.

Reasons why you should take better care of your LuLaRoeclothing

*Design (prints and patterns)

Remember that only a limited number of designs are manufactured and distributed. This means if you let the last piece of clothing slip through your fingers, you may never find it anywhere else again.

*Fabric quality

If you are a super busy woman this will most likely put a smile on your face. The fabric is wrinkle resistant. If you have a significant collection in your wardrobe imagine how much time you will save not ironing any of them.


Creating a unique outfit with these threads is easy. However, this will require some level of creativity. But all you need to do is find the right pattern to go with the right color.

You also need to be aware of your body type. It is said that LuLaRoe brand is for skinny people. That’s just what people say when they run out of outfit ideas.

LuLaRoe Washing Instructions…….How to Wash LuLaRoe

The methods we use to wash our clothes can sometimes be damaging to them. For instance: putting bras in the washing machine with other clothes may completely ruin them. This is why it is important to know how to care for your favorite clothes.

Before washing the clothes

* Separate LuLaRoe from other clothing.

* Make sure to dissolve the washing powder in the water before you place the clothes in the washing bowl.

* Never use hot or warm water to wash this sort of material.

Washing your clothes

There is nothing out of the ordinary here, only a few things to remember.

Number 1: turn the piece of clothing inside out before putting it in water.

Number 2: always give your clothes a gentle hand wash. Lastly: never hang them on the line, they will stretch and loose shape completely.

It is quite clear that this brand offers some fantastic fashion perspectives. Any piece of clothing that allows you to look unique with every outfit is certainly worth looking into. Just remember to take better care of your distinctive designs or you may never find them again.


Top 5 Indo Western Dresses Must Have for Modern Women


Wearing an indo western dress is the best thing in the current fashion world. This is because when the best of both the worlds is merged in single staple, the style quotient of the wearer reaches to another level. Indian fashion and western fashion are poles apart but both are equally stylish and engaging. This is why when designers decided to play with the silhouettes of both these different fashion worlds, they received huge appreciation for their incredible work and skilful art. And why won’t they when they have come out with some fabulous silhouettes??? Here are five gorgeous types of indo western dresses which are must have for modern women and are the best choices for every occasion and season. These are comfortable, stylish and highly fashionable. Wear such chic clothes with bold jewellery and accessories and add plenty of charm to your casual dressing style. All these clothes are suitable for both casual and important occasions. Sneak in…

Crop Top & Lehenga Skirt


Ditch forever traditional lehenga for modern crop top and lehenga set. The style is classier and more awe-striking than the old lehenga choli design. It also allows you to drop dupatta and stay comfortable in your complete ensemble. Wear this indo western attire for occasions like weddings, festivals, family functions and other grand celebrations and become the star of every gala.

Make sure to pick right colour and pattern to achieve the desired appeal and call it a statement.

Bohemian Touch


How about wearing a casual printed bottom and layering it with trendy cape style tunic??? Well, this is how fashionistas like to dress up at every hour to stay stylish and comfortable at the same time. Bohemian touch has become a part of our casual dressing and ditching it would be a great mistake I believe. Wear such style to impress everyone and take your fashion game to another level. You go, girl!

Bold Pant Suit

Pant suits are one of the most popular and trendiest women wear of current time and these indo western clothes are hugely admired by fashion experts. The fact that the attire has elegance of Indian fashion and boldness of western world make it ultimate choice for any woman at any time. Isn’t this what you should wear for your best friend’s big day???

Powerful Palazzo Suit


Palazzo suits are also one category which has come out in a greater way in recent time. These luxurious women suits are widely known for their comfortable appearance and captivating style. Team up these powerful clothes with trendy accessories and exhibit your flawless style in the best way possible.

Indo Western Gown


A lavish floor-length gown inspired by western trend and ethnic swag – don’t you think the attire is the best outcome of indo western style!?

Get all these amazing indo western dresses in your lovely closet and refresh your style statement in a snap. You are all worth it, girl.

Manisha Dubey


Why You Need to Wear Compression Apparel

If you work out in compression apparel, you will enhance your blood flow. When the circulation increases, it transports oxygen and nutrients in a precise and balanced way. When more oxygen travels to the muscles, performance is enhanced.

Also, when the blood flow increases, the body is better able to get rid of wastes, such as lactic acid. When these wastes are eliminated, you can work out for a longer period of time. When oxygenation improves, you recover faster, as well. Therefore, any woman who works out should wear the women’s DNAmic compression range from Skins.

Some of the Benefits

When you wear compression wear, you need to make sure it is backed by research that supports the following benefits:

  • Better circulation
  • Wicking, where moisture is directed away from the skin
  • Increased muscle power
  • Better temperature control, regardless of whether it is hot or cold
  • Sun protection

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) can make it difficult to continue a workout routine. Because compression apparel offsets this negative affect, you can actually feel motivated about working out. Therefore, your apparel can actually make or break your stride when you are trying to get into shape.

A Proven Material

Compression clothes are made with an elastomeric material. However, to enforce its quality, the fabric is warp knitted. This gives the material a quality that makes it stand out against similar fabrics. Gradient compression has been developed over time by leading researchers and is medically backed by independent testing. Therefore, this type of exercise wear is not like wearing some stretchy tights. It is a proven material that can assist you in excelling in your workout routine.

Not only that, but compression apparel also prevents the muscles from getting overextended. As a result, you can avoid getting injured, and any injuries can be treated with this type of apparel. Compression works because it keeps the muscles from vibrating. The cut of the fabric is designed to hold the muscles against a person’s frame, thereby improving muscle focus–also referred to as proprioception.

Where You Can Wear the Clothing

Wearing compression clothes does not limit your movement, but it is form fitting. Therefore, the apparel moves with you and keeps you covered as you are exercising. Compression apparel can be worn in the following instances:

  • When you are working out or during sports activities
  • As an aid to recovery after exercise
  • When recuperating from an injury
  • In the workplace – especially if you must walk or stand for hours on a hard surface
  • When you travel, to reduce the impact of jet lag or reduces the risk of deep vein thrombosis of DVT.

You can wear compression tops, half tights, or long tights in various situations. See for yourself why women love this apparel.


Affinity Find Army Jacket: Why It’s A Must-Have

The army jacket or what others call a “pilot jacket” is something that has been on trend for other people. Ever since it was introduced in the past, it became a gentleman wardrobe essential and a must-have for every closet. Others want to purchase these things. If you’re currently considering the brand or if you’re thinking of what to purchase, it’s necessary to start with the right brand to help you. Affinity Find is the best choice if you’re going for quality. The quality material is the most important thing.

If you’re not sure about what to expect, learning about the details are highly essential and necessary.

Stylish and functional. The best thing about this is the fact that it’s very stylish. When it comes to fashion, there are a lot of people who are very particular about this. The style is a very big factor when choosing. Since it’s made with light materials, it won’t be difficult for you to use it even for your casual days. You don’t have to worry about the heat with this. And even during these instances, you can still maintain a fashionable look.

Versatile. The reason why these pieces are very popular is because other people are thinking that it can be used on a constant basis. There are even others who are using this because this is what they want to use and this is also their favorite. When you want to dress down, it’s perfect overcoat. But if you want to be classier without being too formal, it’s also useful to start with this as the jacket you’ll wear.

Easy transactions. Affinity Find is a store that’s highly praised especially since it’s something that’s highly recognized for the best customer service. Every transaction is easy. And you can also guarantee that they always want to take care of their clients. They know the grievances of people who have experienced bad things in the past with online transactions and services. Others want to make sure that this won’t happen again.

Discounted price. The best thing about this specific piece is the current discount on it. You won’t have to worry about the price. You’ll be able to acquire quality at the best price. It’s essential to note the price even when you’re certain that it will be a worthy investment.

The piece comes in three colors, Army Green, Beige, and Black. All of these are noted for its versatility. You can see that the colors are made this way so that it can suit most people properly. And this can also address the taste of others. It also starts in Small size up to triple XL, so you don’t need to worry if this can fit you or not. It covers everyone whatever the size can be.


Look Irresistibly Hot at Your ‘Vampire Diaries’ Themed Prom Party!

So, is your high school prom night knocking at the door? Well, I’m sure you must be super duper excited to attend it and of course, needless to say, want to win the ‘Prom Queen’ title or at least, manage to sway the hottest guy off his feet. But for that, do you know what you’ll have to do? Well, it’s pretty simple; you need to purchase a drop-dead gorgeous prom dress that would help you stand out amongst the other ladies. And through this blog, I’ll help you pick a beautiful prom gown or dress that’ll surely make you the “centre of attraction” in the party. But, before I proceed, let me ask you about the theme of your prom night. What? The prom theme is inspired by ‘The Vampire Diaries’? That’s unique and amazing! And, I’ll guide you to pick a prom dress that will help you look as gorgeous as Elena Gilbert or Caroline Forbes, the leading ladies of Vampire Diaries.

Read on to know more.

Step 1: Choose a “Vampirish” Color

The first step to pick a dress that’ll perfectly go with the vampire diaries themed prom night is choosing the apt color. To do justice to the theme, always stick to “vampirish” colors such as oxblood, marsala, pure red, wine, jet black or charcoal black. Dresses of these colors are easily available at the top designer stores and even in many online websites that sell cheap prom dresses.

Confused about which color to choose amongst these six? Well, I would suggest you go for ox-blood color because that’ll not just do justice to the theme, but it also belongs to the list of “top 5 trendy winter shades 2018”. So, wait no more and purchase an oxblood-colored prom dress.

Fashion Tip: If you are planning to don an oxblood cheap prom dress, make sure you put on a black lipstick. Believe it or not, you are going to look smoldering hot.

Step 2: Decide the Length of the Dress

Next, you’ll have to decide the length of the dress. For a vampire-themed party, it’ll always be better if you purchase long dresses. Looking for a logic behind my suggestion? Well, I haven’t seen any onscreen female vampire character who has donned a short skater dress. Instead, I have always seen them wearing long bodycons, mermaid-cut dresses or the simple, floor-sweeping gowns. So, I would suggest you purchase a similar kind of dress.

Fashion Tip: If you want to look “hot as hell” like a hot female vampire who loves to allure men, how about choosing a long bodycon, mermaid-cut dress or floor-sweeping gown that has all or either of the following features such as a side slit (preferably thigh-high), illusion plunged neckline, lace up back, etc.

Step 3: Pick a Sultry Material

I’m sure you have noticed that all the female vampires are extremely sexy and sultry. Hence, while choosing a dress, make sure you opt for the one that’s tailored using a sultry material such as ultra-sheer lace, tulle, chiffon or a fully sequined material.

This choice is difficult, isn’t it? Well, don’t worry as I’m there to rescue! All these above-mentioned materials are undoubtedly capable enough of adding the “sexy factor” to your prom dress. But, if you want to go with the latest trend, then stick to lace or shimmery dresses. They are truly tending and would make you look awe-strikingly gorgeous!

Final Fashion Tip: Keep in mind that vampires are known for their natural beauty and pale skin tone. Hence, try to focus on your makeup and yes, avoid jewelry.

To get more tips related to purchasing cheap prom dresses or how to deck up perfectly for a themed prom night, keep following my blogs!

Author bio- Natalie is a fashion designer-cum-blogger who has written several blogs on how to dress up for a prom and how to pick cheap prom dresses. To get some amazing fashion tips, keep following her blogs.

Clothing Men's Fashion

5 ways to style yourself with mandarin collar jackets!

The styling statements keep changing with time and people find something more alluring to wear. The mandarin collar is among those trends, this type of clothing style is in trend due to its classy look that gives a sharp appearance to the person wearing. The mandarin collars are short unfolded stand up collar available in shirts or jackets for men. The mandarin collars start from the neckline and typically use up to 4-5 centimeters vertically. The mandarin collars itself fashion statements for people but you can add more style to it with the help with these 5 ways.

  1. More Mandarin Focused Dress up

The ideas are to keep the mandarin collar the focus of your clothing style to make sure it is reflecting the expected style. You need be minimalistic in term of wearing other things that could contrast with the collar and clash each other in terms of getting attention. It is important that your mandarin collar shows take the center stage in your appearance.

  1. Paired Mandarin Collar with the perfect bottom wear

You should pair you mandarin collar with the most suitable option available in bottom wear as the collar alone won’t give you a complete look. The complete look will come with the combination of the mandarin collar with a bottom wear that suits your body shape and type of mandarin shirt or jacket you are wearing. You can choose shorts, jeans, chinos, trouser or formal tapered trousers to make complete your mandarin collar look. If you want to give a casual touch to your look you need to be very careful while selecting the mandarin collar shirt or jacket that could be paired with jeans easily.

  1. Add more mandarin style

If you don’t want to go along with a mandarin shirt and feels like to add some more wear to it you have options for that too. You can add a mandarin collar jacket or blazer on the shirt to get a sharper look. Blue color mandarin blazer will be a perfect, match for your mandarin shirt if you are preparing for a formal attire. You can also take a sleeveless mandarin blazer to become a more casual type. However, wearing something over a mandarin collar shirt needs leaves you with the only option of choosing any mandarin collar jacket or blazer.

  1. Accessories

To be in the more mandarin look you need to keep your accessories a bit low in the look, you can go with simple shoes, textured belt, and a pocket square if you want to. Adding attention casting accessories will harm your whole mandarin collar attire and the contracts will no longer let the look to spread around that you planned.

  1. Extra Tips

In case you don’t want a clear and clean mandarin look you can experiment with the style a bit by using printed mandarin collar shirts or jackets. Don’t remember to cuff your sleeves and add a pair of sunglasses or a hat to the look.


Indian Terrain Plans On Entering Women’s Comfort Segment

The Chennai based brand Indian Terrain has made quite a name for itself in the Indian markets and that is all due to the product that they provide and the excellent quality they have to offer to their customers. The company was founded by Mr. Venkatesh Rajgopal in the year 2000 and it was there with the sole purpose of providing the urban, cosmopolitan, semi-urban man with the clothing they require be it jackets, shirts, jeans whatever. This was a garments company exclusively for the men and it used to provide them with the workwear along with the casuals.

The company separated from the parent company in the year of 2010. The parent company being the celebrity fashions limited. After the separation there was a need for expansion and the company expanded including a new segment in their midst and Indian Terrain Boy came into being and since September 2015 this company has been manufacturing and selling garment for children between 4 – 16 years. The product of this new sections of the company was and is said to be inspired by the older designs as in full grown men style which make the children look a little more mature than they really are.

In the year of 2016 the company again decided to expand, and Indian Terrain Footwear was born in the month of October 2016. These pieces where expertly curated and efficiently designed so that they may attract the audience. These shoes were so designed that they paired easily with the khaki and the other pants and enhance their beauty which made them an instant hit. The company with all these has an average annual turnover of about Rs.500 crores and the company retails all over Indian and through e-commerce as well.

Well from what the management has to say, the company is gearing up for another expansion and this home-grown garments brands which is exclusive for the menswear in now going to explore the terrain of women clothing. The company has been selling western menswear since 2000 and now it is gearing up to sell western womenswear.

The company’s founder Mr. Rajgopal commented that they are growing at the rate of 20-25% and they would really like to sustain that growth rate till the point of time they really can. This expansion is supposed to give them an extra edge and help them sustain their growth rate without nay hitch.

With the expansion in the womenswear the company will have its roots in a whole new department and thus it will have leverage n a whole new section of the market and one that is supposed to turn profits much more than the others due to the shopping spree of women, what they are notorious of.

From the talking heard off the big guys up the hierarchy chain in the company, the company is planning to the full capacity before executing anything. The planning, the retail strategies, the designing of the clothes, the styling and the advertisement are going to take a few months, but the company has set its mind on the expansion project.

As per the experts from the market the expansion of the company into the genre of womenswear is likely to push the growth rate of the company above the present percentage of 20% and this will greatly influence the company’s future and development. With the womenswear market the fastest growing and profiting apparel market is expected to increase by 11% in the coming years and the total market is expected to rise to 2.77 trillion rupees by 2025, it is a very wise decision on behalf of this Chennai based brand.

To check out the products of this brand, go can go to