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5 ways to style yourself with mandarin collar jackets!

The styling statements keep changing with time and people find something more alluring to wear. The mandarin collar is among those trends, this type of clothing style is in trend due to its classy look that gives a sharp appearance to the person wearing. The mandarin collars are short unfolded stand up collar available in shirts or jackets for men. The mandarin collars start from the neckline and typically use up to 4-5 centimeters vertically. The mandarin collars itself fashion statements for people but you can add more style to it with the help with these 5 ways.

  1. More Mandarin Focused Dress up

The ideas are to keep the mandarin collar the focus of your clothing style to make sure it is reflecting the expected style. You need be minimalistic in term of wearing other things that could contrast with the collar and clash each other in terms of getting attention. It is important that your mandarin collar shows take the center stage in your appearance.

  1. Paired Mandarin Collar with the perfect bottom wear

You should pair you mandarin collar with the most suitable option available in bottom wear as the collar alone won’t give you a complete look. The complete look will come with the combination of the mandarin collar with a bottom wear that suits your body shape and type of mandarin shirt or jacket you are wearing. You can choose shorts, jeans, chinos, trouser or formal tapered trousers to make complete your mandarin collar look. If you want to give a casual touch to your look you need to be very careful while selecting the mandarin collar shirt or jacket that could be paired with jeans easily.

  1. Add more mandarin style

If you don’t want to go along with a mandarin shirt and feels like to add some more wear to it you have options for that too. You can add a mandarin collar jacket or blazer on the shirt to get a sharper look. Blue color mandarin blazer will be a perfect, match for your mandarin shirt if you are preparing for a formal attire. You can also take a sleeveless mandarin blazer to become a more casual type. However, wearing something over a mandarin collar shirt needs leaves you with the only option of choosing any mandarin collar jacket or blazer.

  1. Accessories

To be in the more mandarin look you need to keep your accessories a bit low in the look, you can go with simple shoes, textured belt, and a pocket square if you want to. Adding attention casting accessories will harm your whole mandarin collar attire and the contracts will no longer let the look to spread around that you planned.

  1. Extra Tips

In case you don’t want a clear and clean mandarin look you can experiment with the style a bit by using printed mandarin collar shirts or jackets. Don’t remember to cuff your sleeves and add a pair of sunglasses or a hat to the look.

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Who says men don’t want to look good

We list the 5 newest picks for the discerning male shopper who is always a hit with his great fashion sense.

Gone are the days when men who liked to dress up or who professed an interest in fashion were looked at doubtfully. Today, men are more aware of fashion trends and they take care to groom themselves as well. A lot of men go online clothes shopping to pick the right clothes and accessories, and most men’s wardrobes are at least as large as their female counterparts’ today.

But being a posh man about town comes with the responsibility of knowing what’s hot at the moment, and what’s not. This is a shout out to all those Dapper Dans who want to stock up on the season’s best new trends in online clothes shopping for men:

1 Round is a shape! For far too long, high fashion decided that men would wear V-necks, turtle neck or cowl necks on their tees because they were classier. But the classic round neck is making a major comeback, and with neck detailing to boot! Ditch the notion that round necked tees are for supremely casual wear only. You can wear a round necked tee to the gym, or layer it under your shirt when it’s cold. The season’s new trend is round necked tees with a sleeveless body to show off those sculpted arms.

2 A gentleman in distress. If you thought distressed jeans are for younger men, then you’re not far off the mark. But watch what happens when a pair of distressed jeans have their length slightly shortened, the seam lightly taken in for a slimmer leg, and the waist made a little higher. The result is a pair of jeans that is deceptively fashionable and ready to be worn even by older men. Pair it with a classic white shirt, a pair of brogues and a shoulder bag – now go rock the office with your great looks!

3 Happy feet in snappy shoes. If shoes maketh a man, then you’re about to be made into the best-dressed man in the city. The season brings in simple silhouettes and less frills and embellishments in shoes. Try brogues in plain brown or black, or derby formals in tan or brown, or youthful sneakers in blue. Sneakers are a great choice in the rains, since the canvas dries out faster than other materials. Team them with slim fit jeans, a loose tee and a chunky watch.

4 A classy wallet for Mr Moneybags. Everybody’s been wondering what a refined guy like you has in your wallet. Keep them guessing with a stylish wallet in the season’s hottest colours. Stay away from the drab blacks and browns, and cosy up to blues, greens and reds. While colours are in, so are materials like canvas and suede.

5 The timing’s right. Nothing completes a man’s ensemble more than an elegant watch. You’re in luck if you’re looking for a new timepiece, because the best designs are currently in stock. There are many new styles to choose from: coloured dials, chronographs, plain black chronographs, and coloured straps. Be sure to pick a dial size that sits well with your wrist.

There you have it – the season’s picks in men’s fashion. Which ones do you like, and which styles are you ready to try out and make your own? You can also get new perfumes and sunglasses while you’re at it.

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Gets Trendy with Custom Embroidered Hats

The custom Embroidered hat is an accessory that changes your look completely, it gives you a whole new personality. Embroidery is a threading process where custom products are stitched for promotion. An item can be customised and it looks appealing as it shows utmost professionalism. It may contain a crisp, precise and bold message which adds to our beauty.

No one can deny that a classic, shiny and custom embroidered hat brings an entirely new level of a positive change to a look, and certainly adds character to your product range. The custom Embroidered hat can be used as uniform dress, promotional gifts for customers & weather protective gear while making a great style statement for people. Hat embroidery is popularly used for corporate gifting, contests, and tradeshow promotions. Also, custom hats can be worn by anyone, be it men, women, babies and children of all ages throughout the year.

A custom embroidered hat is also useful in advertising a brand as there is no such other way to popularise the brand by giving a great brand message which complements other apparels. Also, it is an amazing way to let other people know that your brand is really special. The custom Embroidered hat needs embroidery technique which is an entirely different technique compared to garment printing. For that purpose, it requires an entirely different approach to creating a successful design. To have a striking impact, it is better to have a simple, minimalistic design.

The simple design makes it easy to embroider and gives a finished look with nice, tight lines. It is best to avoid small, detailed designs, as those are difficult to embroider. It is also advised to use limited colors while making a custom embroidered hat. One necessary rule is to have the design focused on the middle bottom. Placing the design in the center is a must, as most people don’t want to seem unbalanced when wearing their hats. For a really polished look, a small logo can also be added on the side of the cap. Any type of logo or text can be embroidered on custom hats. This type of embroidery is used for commercial purposes.

So you should keep all above-mentioned things, before designing your own brand’s custom embroidered hat. Ideally, you would add a small logo, your company initials, or something else that’s small and can fit in the side space. You can also use only flat embroidery for sides. To get your brand’s own custom embroidered hats, place an order on a trusted online site having a huge collection of hats from different renowned brands you can choose from. You will receive your package of custom embroidered hats most probably within 10 days, and then you can show off your brand’s popularity in a unique way.

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Enjoy Men’s Online Shopping with These Tips

Desc: Make The Most Of Your Shopping Experience With Online Shopping For Men. Choose best shopping portal to shop men shirt & tshirt at reasonable prices.

It is no secret that we are living in the age of technological revolution and a large part of our lives happen online. At such an instance, men who consider themselves as technological gods cannot shy away from online shopping. Yes, with the rise of ecommerce websites shopping for men online has become quite popular among urban youths and young men alike. Online shopping not only makes life less stressful but also brings you a large variety of options to choose from. So you can enjoy sitting at your desk or lying in bed and still shop everything you want to have a practical yet elegant wardrobe. Since shirts and t-shirts happen to be an integral part of all men’s wardrobe, find below a list of tips and tricks when shopping for men’s shirts online and make sure that you have a pleasant shopping experience.

  1. Size Matters!

Size happens to be one of the most important factors when it comes to buying shirts. If you want to have an elegant and dapper look, go for something which is neither too tight nor too big. Both shirts and t-shirts are supposed to elegantly skim your body and wearing them in bigger sizes will make you look shoddy and unfashionable. Therefore it is always advised to wear shirts/t-shirts that fit you properly to look chic and fashionable. It is great if you already know your shirt size. However if you are not sure go ahead and measure yourself up to get a proper idea about your size. You can also seek a professional’s help or ask a friend to take your measurement if you don’t know about how to do it yourself. Once you know your size you can easily use filters to browse different styles.

  1. Decide what are you looking for?

Shopping for men’s clothes online brings you a wide variety of options which can soon become confusing if you don’t know what exactly are you looking for. There are plenty of fabrics, prints and styles to choose from. Besides, you should always keep in mind the occasion you would be wearing these clothes to. Take for instance you cannot wear a bright coloured printed shirt or a graphic men’s t-shirt to a formal meeting. Similarly you cannot wear an elegant white shirt to a disco party. Hence, it is advised to have certain things in mind before you start shopping for men’s clothes online.

  1. Research into shopping

Despite being in love with technology so much, most of the men still suck at buying clothes online. So if you think of yourself as one of those men who don’t know anything about online shopping, it is advised that you to do some research about the best places to shop at before you start buying. It will not only save you the frustration but will also give you plenty of time to sift and browse styles you are looking for. Also check the return and exchange policies to save yourself any future disappointments just in case.

Online shopping for men doesn’t have to be chore. It should be fun and enjoyable and moreover you should love your purchases. Etashee is one great place for men shirt shopping. Here you will find a huge range of men’s shirts, t-shirts, pants, trousers, jeans and more. That’s not all. You will also get a huge variety of men’s ethnic wear such as kurta, pyjama, Nehru jackets, shawls and sherwani etc. Come here and update your wardrobe with all the must have pieces and never fail an opportunity to look fashionable.

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Important Tips to T-Shirt Design Placement

These days, the younger generation has a craze for printed t-shirts. Since there are many genuine printers’ online offering tools to create a design for a t-shirt that can be printed on the t-shirt, youngsters are using their creativity and talent to make the best designs.

In any case, the primary element that these individuals ignore while outlining the t-shirt is the plan arrangement. In the majority of the cases, they simply make an outline and utilize it blindly on the t-shirt. In any case, the majority of the cases, individuals don’t know about the outline position. At whatever point an expert designer makes an outline for a t-shirt, he will focus on the plan position and guarantees that he is complimented for the work.

The Sides of the T-Shirts: At whatever point you make custom shirts to promote something, the advertisement is regularly printed on the front side on the t-shirt. To be exact, the ad will be close by the midsection region. In any case, very few individuals will look on to the commercial, as they may feel cumbersome looking into somebody’s mid-section directly before them. For this situation, the best place to print the notice will be the rear. Individuals will have the capacity to look into the ad with no issue since you don’t know about it. Taking after this strategy can get more perspectives on the notice.

The Size of the Design Matters: The size of the advertisement is also significant and need to think about it seriously. Suppose you print an expansive size plan on to a shirt, the principle issue you may confront here is cutting off the edges. In this manner, it is essential to ensure the outline stays on the shirt in the zone you truly needed. By and large, the assigned region of notice on shirts is around 18′ x 12′. Aside from the size, consider the position as well, flat or vertical as indicated by the outline.

In order to find out more visit t shirt printer singapore

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A Comprehensive View Of What A Cool Wallet Can Achieve

The most important aspect of a fashion statement is coordinating every detail of your appearance from head to toe. While many people slant towards selecting the best purse for an event, most disregard the effect a cool wallet can contribute. Though the appearance of a wallet resonates more with men since they tend to carry it in their pocket, women, on numerous occasions, choose to go along with minimal baggage. When men choose the appearance, they tend to want one that is small and compact and capable of holding their credit cards and money without making their pocket look bulge.

Some women choose to carry their wallet in their purse. When they do, they should select a magnificent wallet that matches their purse whenever they decide to take it out. The coolest determinant of a match is color. These days, women are not limited to wallet choice of brown and black color. Appealing shades of red, white and pink for a striking and feminine appearance do exist. Color is, by far, the greatest way to make a fashion statement.

Pocket appeal

Women sometimes make big decisions of going for ‘’hands-free shopping” or decide to attend a spellbinding event without being weighed down by a heavy purse. A clear alternative is always a naked wallet that provides lots of benefits. The naked wallet is lighter compared to the traditional wallet that has lots of pockets, windows, and slots. When the naked wallet is carried along in the pocket, it doesn’t interfere with your shape or pants. Instead, it makes use of minimal space and maintains the fitting jeans appearance.

The naked wallet is considered a cool wallet because of its ability to keep credit cards and cash accessible and secure. Its exceptional design renders it hassle-free to find and relatively easy to get out what you need without needing wade through or get everything out. It’s quick and simple, plus, there is no worry about anything getting lost. The cash’s fold, firmly and securely holds the cards in the center allowing you to pull out only the things you need while other valuables stay firmly in position.

The money clip vs. the naked wallet

The money clip is the predecessor of the naked wallet, and it has enabled men over the years to carry money in their pants without the need of the traditional bulky wallet. These days, money clips are also available for women. But men and women, today, swear by the naked wallet regarding holding their credit card and cash as opposed to the money clip. To add to that, a lot of those designed for women consist of a breakaway wallet or card holding segment that thoroughly defeats the aim of utilizing a money clip.

The slim design of the naked wallet is just of the reasons it’s rated highly by men and women for carrying money. Alleviating the bulk that comes along with traditional wallets and keeping your precious items a lot more secure and reachable is another. It is, thus, prudent to choose a naked wallet that is not only cool, but fashionable to marvel as well.

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Select Cool Wallets from many Varieties

Having a nice wallet has always been a mark of cash and card savvy distinction. When a man pulls out a nylon wallet with a comic book character on it, admittedly there is an immediate judgment. The same is true if you pull out a wallet of advanced quality and style. There are several new options available which draw away from the classic wallet style. Now we move over to cool wallets with new designs, each having its own distinction and advantages.

Eliminating Bulk

One of the worst things about the traditional wallet design is the bulk of it and how easy it is to steal. Honestly, it is always visible in a pocket and, with open pockets secured only by a fold in the design, cards and cash can easily slip out. It is fine to carry a classic wallet. However, consider some more efficient designs and try them. Now we move toward simplicity as an advantage.

A very simply designed wallet which is known as the “Naked Wallet®” and this name must be mentioned because it clearly describes the nature of the design as simple and efficient. That is precisely what it is. The purpose of a wallet is to securely hold your cards and cash together in a manner which is secure, easy to carry, and simple for consistent access. With this in mind, minimal size with sizeable function would be the goal.

This wallet design is light, slim, and extraordinarily simple. By using band pressure, it is a simple, rectangular clamp which secures all of your financial material together in a single, compact bundle. Granted, it does show your cash and cards because this style of cool wallets is based on minimalism and function. The idea is to reduce the bulk, but still keep your material together.

Other Wallets

While the simple, basic design of the wallet style mentioned is rather classy, it can also be used in conjunction with a more complex design which is becoming increasingly popular. The slim band wallet of the Naked brand will easily group your categories of cards together. If you have an excess of cards and several of them are chip-embedded RFID credit cards, you may want to consider additional security.

A Code Wallet is another example of accessories to cool wallets. This is because it takes direct security into account. You may not be aware of this, but the new RFID chips in credit and debit cards make it easier for war drivers to steal your card and account information. All it takes is a cell phone and a key-generating algorithm program and it is easy to just walk by people and literally accumulate all card information.

A Code Wallet is designed to protect against such digital theft. The casing prevents scanning and thus keeps all cards secure. Meanwhile, using the Naked Wallet, you can easily bind and group your cards into sections of the code locked wallet.

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The Right Way to Dress Like a Businessman

The quality and standards of a businessman can not only be judged by the way he works, but can also be judged by the way he dresses. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to make sure that you dress like a professional. Although wearing a hoodie to the office may work well for Zuckerburg, remember that not all of us own multi-billion dollar companies. If you wish to create a professional opinion about yourself, here is some fashion advice that you will be thankful for.

Wear a Watch

When it comes to dressing like a professional, remember that even the smallest accessory matters. Of course, these days most people check their time through their phones, but wearing a watch is not just about checking the time. It improves your overall appearance and makes you look like a true professional. Furthermore, it also makes you seem like a punctual individual who values time.

Buy Light Shirts

Although it is not wrong to wear dark coloured shirts to work, it is best to opt for light coloured shirts. Most men wear white shirts to work since they create a clean, professional, and neutral appearance. Therefore, the next time you purchase mens clothes online, make sure to look for white or light blue coloured shirts. Furthermore, these kinds of shirts can be worn with any type of trousers too.

Own a Suit

It is compulsory for every businessman to own a good suit. If you work at a huge company, then you probably will have to wear one every day. On the other hand, if you work at a regular place, you will only be expected to wear one during special occasions. Regardless, make sure that you have a good suit from a well-reputed clothing store. This will definitely come in handy some time.

Mind the Accessories

Keep in mind that the devil is in the details. As a businessman, you are naturally expected to be thoroughly organized. This is why it is so important for you to possess the little things that a man needs. This includes everything from a handkerchief to a pen. Of course, this does not mean that you should go over the top. Wear what you have to when it is suitable. This will help you to nail the professional look.

Focus on Footwear

This is something that many professionals fail to think about. It has been found that most people have a tendency to look at other people’s feet when they meet for the first time. People who are afraid to make eye contact will look at your feet. Since a lot of attention comes to this area, you need to make sure that your footwear looks good. This is why you need to invest in a good pair of shoes.

Get a Proper Fit

Never, ever overlook the importance of this factor. There is no point in wearing in a stunning suit if it is too tight or too loose. You need to purchase clothing that flatters your physique. Although you might want to wear tight shirts to work, that might not be a great fashion idea if you have a bit of a belly. You should not purchase clothes that bring more attention towards your physical imperfections. Therefore, always opt for the best fit.

If you follow the above fashion tips, you will be able to create a professional reputation for yourself in the workplace quite easily.

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Looking for Right Casual Shoes For Men Online? Here are 5 Simple Tips to Purchase the One!

Shoes are one of your most prized possessions. Why they won’t be? They are the ones who blend subtly in your attire while having a prominent effect on enhancing your personality. After all, isn’t it said that the character of a man can be judged by his shoes? Well, that is why it’s essential for you to ensure that you buy the proper one and also take care of them in the perfect way possible.

Traditionally, you would visit a store and pick one of the casual shoes for men from their inventory. However, the availability of variety is restricted in physical shopping. With the advancement of technology, the e-commerce emerged as the new marketplace offering the buyers with abundant options and amazing discounts. Still, there are many who shy away from purchasing a shoe online. Mainly because they are concerned about the size, fit, and look – three important elements of a shoe. This article is a gateway to bust the myth about online shopping for shoes and assist you in knowing the ways that will help you in buying the best footwear. Ready to explore? Read on.

Knowing the types

The first step is educating yourself about the different kinds of men’s casual shoes available in the market. Also, which style suits perfectly for which occasion. There are different blogs that can help you in knowing the types of the footwear. It will help you in narrowing down your confusion, as you would be certain about the item to search.

Material is the key

Many thinks leather and suede are the only two materials used for the purpose of creating the men’s casual footwear. Needless to say, that is an entirely wrong notion. There are other materials like rubber, clothes, etc that are actively used in designing and creating new kinds of shoes for the buyers.

The size chart

Every product you purchase has the option of viewing a size chart. This is your bible while purchasing the shoe that catches your fancy. It will offer you with the sizes in terms of different measuring units and also the way it is used across different countries. Carefully study the chart before selecting any of the shoes for purchase. This will help you in selecting the one that fits you perfectly.

Price matters

There are few sites that offer you shoes at unbelievable low price. Get out of them instantly and never return. They would provide you with low quality or duplicate products. It is also advisable to invest in such shoes that are good and those come with a considerable heavy price tag. However, there are certain reputed websites that offer discounts on branded shoes on different occasions and help you in availing them easily.

Simple ones

Of course, you will answer the call of the new fashion but try to avoid the ones that have too much of extra elements. The casual’s shoes with minimal and elegant designs are always preferred. Also, they ensure the perfect look with different attire you flaunt.

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Where to find Sherwanis for Groom in Delhi?

Buying menswear can be a very tough job to do. For women you just have so many styles and so many different avenues to shop from, you almost never run out of options. But for men this is all very limited. Of course, your options will depend on what you are buying (ethnic or western, formal or casual and so on). When it’s stuff like Sherwanis and kurtas, you have still limited choice. These kinds of clothes are also for special occasions, so you also need to be careful in buying them, because you want to make sure you get the perfect outfit for such a day. So here, let us discuss what kind of options you have to buy Sherwanis for men in Delhi.

Designer Stores: Designer stores in Delhi are one of the best ways to shop for Sherwanis and such kind of outfits. Designers are all upto date with the latest designs and have stylish trendy clothes. Men who are not very trendy can simply walk into one of these stores and ask the designer about whats in, check out all the designs, and get something they really like. So, designer stores are definitely a good place to find Sherwani for grooms in Delhi.

Brands: Brands such as Manyavar, Study By Janak, and Narains are very good to find Sherwani for grooms in Delhi. These stores have got different price ranges and are meant for different kinds of people, so you should visit these stores in person and find out if they suit you. And then you can buy a Sherwani for yourself accordingly. These brands have carved a niche for themselves and are into the best trends of the season. You can also depend on them for swift delivery and good customisation of your outfits. So these brands, when it comes to menswear, for designs as well as customer service, you can totally depend on.

Shahpur Jat: this market has so many good designer stores as well as some well-established names in fashion. If you want to shop for some of the better designs in the city, it’s a good option for you. Of course, this is not going to be budget, as Shahpur Jat is a market full of designers, and just as famous for its prices. But if you want something unique and designer, as well as want something trendy and totally in, you should go to this market. You will find some interesting options for menswear.

Karol Bagh: This is definitely the best market for wedding shopping for men in Delhi. If you want to find Sherwani for grooms in Delhi you cannot be done without visiting this market. Or if you want to just go to one, go here. From designers to brands you will find everything in this market. There are stores which offer all kinds of budgets for everyone. So this is a must visit if you are looking to find Sherwani for grooms in Delhi!