Women's Fashion


I turned forty a few months ago and it got me thinking about when I was twenty five and I had a minor mid life crisis. I had a really big desire to become younger again and I decided that I need to either have a tattoo, buy a pair of biker boots or get fit and in the end I opted for the least painful of these two and I choose the last of these and I started playing netball again.

Now that my fortieth birthday has been and gone I do not feel the same inclination for a mid life crisis but it did make me think about the other two mid life crisis options that I turned down and since I am still not that keen on getting a tattoo I have been looking at biker boots online at French Connection. Now that I am a mum I do not really get to spend that much money on myself and I tend to buy some new comfortable shoes only if my last pair has fallen to pieces. I am a bigger fan of flat womens shoes than I am of formal womens shoes because I do not really have a call to wear these types of shoes often. Smart womens shoes often look odd on my feet and my husband often thinks that I look more like a man wearing smart ladies shoes but I suppose that is because he is not used to it too.

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