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5 Best Shoes for Basketball Lovers

Best Shoes for Basketball Lovers

If you are a basketball lover then October means only one thing for you, college basketball. All fans are keeping their fingers crossed for a memorable thriller that they are going to discuss the whole year till next season comes. So, with the hearts getting excited and heartbeat growing fast with every coming day, everybody is thinking about getting their sneakers laced up for the upcoming standoffs. From PEs to signature shoes, the basketball sneakers are going to seize the displays for the next few months.

As the scene with sneakers is just as faddish and popular today as it was ever before, below are the best basketball sneakers that are taking over all the others:

  1. Air Jordan Retro

Jordan shoes are ruling the sneaker displays for the swag and fattish they hold. Air Jordan Retro is the one that came and conquered. It is a new entry from the Nike Air Jordan community. It really incorporates a set of exciting features that exist in different Jordan shoes. This one is the combination of the Air Force Once and the Jordan sneakers. Design is based on what Michael Jordan likes to wear for practice.

There is a rubber sole along with a rubber tongue and it has entered the displays in variety of colors. The reason it holds the first knot is that it incorporates the consumer’s favorite features in one shoe that are otherwise present in different sneakers.

  1. Nike Kobe X

These sneakers come from the Kobe’s signature line and are one of the soundest sneakers in technological terms. There is a new traction system that came with the Nike Kobe X which can easily be the most innovative to date even when a year has passed since its launch.

  1. Nike Hyperdunk

This shoe helps its wearer paly like a pro and this makes it one of the best shoes in the list. It provides an amazing ankle support along with being lightweight and movement around the court swift. It employs flywire technology that incorporates the space dynamics and basketball athletics to make it a player’s dream shoe. It manifests adjustment in cushioning of the sole, the tongue and the shoe’s top in response to the consumer reports thus providing comfort and protection when jumping and running.

  1. Retro Aero Jams

These shoes are the combination of color, new technology and style resulting in swag, improved performance and comfort. They have a leather top that creating better support for ankle thus preventing injury and discomfort. The collar and tongue are padded for comfort and the cushioning employs the latest technology thus rendering support system for the soles ensuring comfortable landing and running.

  1. Nike Overplay VII

These basketball shoes are favorite among the customers for providing optimal comfort combined with an amazing stylish design. These shoes contain a rubber sole that remarkably improves grip. The shoe’s tops employ synthetic materials thus making it comfy in wearing on ankles. The shoes are durable having long lifespan as compared to most of the basketball footwear.


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