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7 Reasons to Wear Loafers

Wear Loafers

Back from the 1930s, loafers are trending again this 2016. Crossing lines between gender and fluidly slipping gracefully onto everyones feetcertainly, this shoe is for you. But there’s more to following the trend when wearing these sleek beauties. Heres seven reasons why its a gift that keeps on giving:

  1. Easy and Comfy

This year is all about comfy feet! But if you’re not into Mules and you want more coverage for your feet, loafers are for you. This Fall 2016 trend will not only delight your fashionista heart but will thank your tired feet. Depending on what you will find most comfortable, youll find styles from completely flat to those with just the right heel for ultimate comfort. The cherry on top is that its super easy to wear! Slip them on and slip into the day looking great.

 2.Put some Class Into Casual

Wear your loafers with any casual outfit and its like getting magic dust. From a simple casual outfit, it magically looks classier, dashier, and smarter. If youre brave enough, play with your choice of socks, or keep them hidden with foot socks. Wear them with a skirt, a dress, shorts, or jeans, the list is endless. Its a versatile shoe that can upgrade any OOTD.

 3.Its a Hardworking Shoe

Did you know that loafers were first seen on dairy farmers? The style might have changed since then, but theyve kept something important. Loafers are quite the durable shoe. Most loafers come in great leather too, assuring you lengthy use. Even when the trend passes, it will probably survive until the next season when its a hit again. 

 4.Trending Means More Options.

Now is the absolute best time to invest in a good pair because designers are going crazy with new designs. If youve always been a fan of the style but felt limited to its vintage feel, then now is the time to update the collection. If youre new to the craze, then jump in now. New designs available will let you express classic design with current embellishments. Dont be limited by style as you can get the classic, heeled, statement and even a backless one! Dont miss out on these opportunities.

 5.Its Classic

Classics survive trends. Thats what defines a classic and the loafer shoe is definitely it. These shoes will stay in your closet for longer. If youve ever had that piece of outfit taking up precious realty in your closet, maybe its time to assess it. But you will never have to assess your loafers because theyll always be earning their place. Loafers will stay in your closet without wasting space because it will always be useful.

 6.Invest for this and the next trend

Fashion, like art, has always had the tendency to look back and borrow from the past. Like most revolutionary inventions, the loafer may have evolved from its humble beginnings but the genius design has remained essentially unchanged. From Penny Loafers helping your emergency phone booth call to being a punk statement shoe, the loafers have come along away and has only become more beautiful. This classic style, better yet, is predicted to stay trendy till Spring 2017. Getting yourself some loafers now will hit two birds with one stone. So invest on those gorge loafers because youre going to be enjoying them for quite a while.

 7.Something to Talk About with the Future Grandkids 

Its not always easy talking to old people and one day, youre going to be that old person. To your surprise though, you and your grandkid or the neighbors grandkid, will have something in common: your love for loafers. In fact, you both might both be wearing a pair! Seriously, thats how timeless loafers are.

Dont get left behind by the times. Put on these shoes and keep up with the pace without even breaking a heel. Love loafers? Creative ways to wear loafers? Share it with us in the comments!

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