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Every day, thousands of aspiring lifestyle writers jump the bandwagon of writing in the hopes of establishing themselves as lifestyle writers and making money. However, not all of them are successful. This is because most of them don’t really seem to have their heart in it. Here are some of the traits that a lifestyle writer should posses in order to become successful online lifestyle writers in their career.

Professionalism is the key

When you read the writings of a lifestyle writer make sure that he or she must be a professional writer, not a hobbyist


If a lifestyle writer does not put authenticity in their work, their lifestyle content will be as woeful as the rest of the dross that pollutes the lifestyle writing world.

Respectful of audience

Audience is by far the most important factor in a lifestyle writer’s success. However, there are instances when we find that several lifestyle writers have no idea whom they’re writing for.  So a lifestyle writer should know their target audience. If they don’t know who is going to read their content, it becomes amply clear that they haven’t targeted it appropriately.

He/she understands the business

A client loves to talk to a writer who is in the know of their business and the industry in which the client serves. It is of utmost importance that a freelance lifestyle writer learns and familiarizes himself or herself with the client’s business and the industry. Doing this will help the writer become fluent in his or her niche and the content.

Well researched

Before writing about a specific topic do a thorough research of it. It would be great if you have a firsthand experience about a situation or place about which you intend to write. You should have a strong vocabulary to reconstruct the first-person experiences into a vivid article.

If you want clients to outsource freelance lifestyle writing jobs to you, then you must familiarize yourself with the basic rules of lifestyle writing. Your expertise should match that of your peers.

Market yourself

In the not-so-distant past it was easy to get recognition. But as things stand today, anyone can self-publish. Hence a lifestyle writer has to demonstrate better evidence for their claims to expertise. They have to produce something truly meaningful. Finding online lifestyle writing jobs is not so easy these days.

If you are desirous of making a go of a freelance lifestyle writing career, you need to ensure that you have a strong online presence. Starting a blog and publishing good content at regular intervals should be a top priority on your agenda.

It is in your interest that you build your public presence online. It will help the entire cyber population to see your skills.


A lifestyle writer should be talented and determined. Though it is tempting to enter the arena of lifestyle writing, it requires a lot of perseverance and resilience.


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