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How to Prepare for Waxing

How to Prepare for

Preparing for the waxing process is as important as the procedure itself. You need to book your appointment in advance so that the wax-performing aesthetic expert can take you through the preparation process. Lack of sufficient preparation can make you hate the whole procedure yet waxing is the most effective way of getting rid of unwanted hair off your body. Below are some tips that can guide you through this preparation process.

Make Sure You Prepare Your Skin Before Hand

Most waxing professionals will tell you that preparing your skin for the waxing session is as important as mapping out your allergies. It is advisable to begin with exfoliated skin to make sure that the wax will flow without any drawbacks. Exfoliating before the waxing process will hold the dead skin cells hostage and allow the hairs to be broken through the surface. Similarly, it is not advisable to shave before applying the wax. This makes the process more complicated than it should be. The length of the hair should be approximately a quarter an inch in if you want waxing to be effective. However, you are at liberty to shave or tweeze any stray hairs one or two days after the wax appointment. However, it is advisable to allow it to grow out before your next waxing appointment.

Prepare for Some Pain

Pain is one of the unavoidable elements of waxing that most people dread. In fact, this can tempt you to cancel your appointment. You cannot completely avoid pain during the waxing process but experts like know how to minimize this pain. Therefore, you should not fear going for this exercise but instead prepare for some pain. You can reduce the pain further by avoiding triggers such as caffeine and alcohol a few days before you go for the waxing. This is the only way to make the whole process more bearable. The most critical trick is to shy away from workouts, caffeine, and alcohol beforehand. Such exposure will induce blood circulation and this will make the whole process more painful.

One your appointment date is there with you, you can use an over-the-counter pain reliever to further manage the pain. Pain relievers like Aleve and Advil work well but make sure you avoid aspirin because it has an effect of inducing the flow of blood. You can take these pain killers close to 45 minutes before your appointment time.

Choose your wax in advance

Waxing is not a single formula that fits all situations. There are various kinds of waxes that are tailored to handle different situations. The main difference is between the soft and hard waxes. The type of wax you choose fully depends on the application area. Hard wax is usually applied in the bikini, underarms, and face. On the contrary, soft wax is ideal for the hands and other areas of the body like the arms and legs. Make sure you know the type of wax that you will be using before the appointment date. You can also check out this website to get more information about skincare and beauty.

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