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Could Your Sneakers Actually Be A Sound Investment?


For most of the folks out there, this might be a new term. But, we must not take away the opportunity from you to guess. Ok then cheers if you have guessed it correct, but to all those who couldn’t we do not want you to die in suspense. A sneaker head is someone who purchases limited edition Sneakers and then resells them for a higher price. Formally, sneaker head is a person who collects trades or admires sneakers as a hobby. Now you might enter your dubious thoughts and wonder about the idiots who buy second hand Sneakers. These are not idiots; they are admirers. They know a lot about the Sneakers and can pay any price to own limited edition sneakers. This kind of business is not commonly found in sneakers for women or shoes for kids. But it is very common in case of men’s sneakers.

Per an article published on the BBC’s website, Mr. Jordan Geller, a qualified lawyer, left his law profession behind and opted to follow his passion of becoming a sneaker head. When asked about his income, he prefers to remain silent. He holds the Guinness book World Record for possessing nearly 2388 pairs of Sneakers. The numbers might have increased, let us suppose.

Mr. Geller is not the only person in this profession of passion. Mostly such items are auctioned ateBay. The buyers are crazy behind certain limited edition sneakers. These people can easily distinguish between the original ones and the copies. So, you cannot fool them.

This trend began when Michael Jordan wore the famous pair of Air Jordan 1s in 1984. Fans became crazier and sneaker heads became richer. Following this, the sneaker brands started collaborating with the designers and created Billion-dollar limited edition market. The sneaker heads grabbed this opportunity, to convert their passion into business, with both hands. Currently, the sneaker head market has become a billion-dollar market.

Not only the Sneaker heads, but the sneaker brands have also gained a lot in this business. The biggest gain is the brand value. Any brand will compromise millions of dollars for seeing people queuing up to buy their Sneakers. This led to huge growth in profits. Majorly, Nike shoes have been sold on a large scale under this umbrella. Let us mention the fact that all the sneakers in Mr. Geller’s collection are from Nike.

The urge to buy a limited-edition sneaker arises after fans see their favorite celebrities wearing those. Otherwise, sometimes it might be just for passion or for fashion. Most of the Sneaker heads also have a Facebook page where they put these sneakers on auction. There is one more benefit of social media.

There are many Sneaker head conventions happening around the world. To name a few, Sneaker Con and Sneaker Summit in the United States, Sneakerness in Europe and Sneaker pimps, which tours the world from Brazil to Japan. Sneaker fans from everywhere gather here and admire, buy or resell the limited-edition Sneakers.

If you too are a passionate Sneaker admirer or wish to buy shoes for kids then this is a business opportunity for you to make great money out of your fashion.

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