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Plimsolls Are Great Summer Shoes; Here’s Why

Plimsolls Are Great Summer Shoes

Plimsolls, a name we don’t often hear. Plimsolls are an upper canvas shoe with a rubber bottom. These types of shoes are also known as beach shoes as they were originally designed for the beach. The shoes had a line around the rim of the rubber sole where it met up with the canvas upper where it was glued together. The purpose of this line was to indicate the point where the shoes could safely be wet. The name Plimsolls comes from the mark on the ships hull that shows the maximum depth to where the ship may safely immerse into the water with cargo.

Men’s Plimsollsare versatile and can be used for going out, for working on the dock or just lounging around the home. Even though they are labelled boat shoes, they are not just for the docks. These shoes are very affordable they are budget-friendly then ranging into the high-priced shoes as well. The good thing about the shoes being affordable is the fact you can buy several pairs and mix and match, rotating different colors and styles with your look for the day. They are very comfortable and wear just like a pair of hard soled slippers.

Plimsolls wear very well they hardly scuff or end up looking battered.  They wash easily if you need to and with the white soles, there is no worry about leaving black scuff marks on the floor. If your choosing to wear boot cut jeans, then you need to opt for a more chunkier style boat shoe and if wearing a suit go for the converse brand that makes very thin-soled shoes. If your wearing shorts or ¾ pants avoid wearing socks if you can’t then go for sports or low-cut socks.

Boat shoes wash great but be sure to check the directions for each brand shoe, but most can be put in the washing machine in a shoe bag and washed on a gentle cycle and come out great.Plimsolls offer plenty of choice in the color range, styles, patterns and even brands. If you want stylish and affordable, then Plimsolls are your go to.A few top brands that have got on the bandwagon of designing their version of the boat shoe:

Vans slip on’s are a streetwear shoe that slips on and goes well with wide leg pants.

Superga these are the shoes of Italy comfortable and easy to style.

Converse Chuck Taylor is a classic design that goes well with slim legged jeans.

The novesta star master has a modern design about them these shoes are more designed for big fashion enthusiasts.

Toms alpargata are flexible and casual that go well in the warmer weather.

Plimsolls are affordable, and with the large design range, you can find exactly what style and colors you are looking for. Plimsolls are designed for all types of men around the globe, have passed the durability tests and with their growing range of modern and classic designs, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have one or a few pairs lined up in your wardrobe for every occasion.

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