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Facial Cosmetic Procedures 101

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Cosmetic surgery becomes more popular each year, and the fact that almost 2 million procedures have been performed solely in the United States in the previous year is the best proof. Medicine evolves constantly, which contributes to the popularity of cosmetic surgery. While earlier we could usually tell that a person had a surgery on their face, now the signs of the procedures are brought to a minimum. If you’ve wanted to undergo some of the many facial cosmetic procedures, here is what some of them will bring to you.

Facial implants

When you don’t like the way your face looks, implants can enhance the surface of the face and provide you with a more attractive look. Thanks to the specially formed solid materials, implants will change the physical structure of your face by adding volume to it. It’s necessary for you to talk to the surgeon, and explain what your goals are. Only then will the doctor be able to evaluate the size and type of the implant best suited for your face. Facial implants can correct everything from a small chin and weak jaw to a lack of facial contour. The chin can sometimes be disproportional to the forehead or mid-face, so facial implants can provide the best balance to the entire face structure. If you’re not satisfied with the width of your jaw, consider having jaw implants. Certain cheek areas tend to be flat or recessed, so cheek implants can increase the projection of cheekbones perfectly.


Reshaping the chin improves the look of the entire face. While you may have suffered an accident and ended up having a deformed chin bone, facial cosmetic surgeons will bring back the perfect little chin with just one procedure. This can be a reduction of the bone or an enhancement with an implant. Depending on the condition, your doctor will recommend the best solution for you. Sometimes, mentoplasty is done together with rhinoplasty so that the patient can get both the nose and chin in perfect proportions.


Rhytidectomy, i.e. a facelift, happens to be the first choice for many people who are dealing with too obvious signs of aging. With age, the skin on the face relaxes gradually each year, causing sagging in the process. Therefore, many people undergo a facial cosmetic surgery in order to get youthful and healthy-looking skin. A facelift can also successfully remove other signs of aging such as deepening of the fold lines between the corner of the mouth and the nose, jowls, loose skin on the neck, and excess fat of the neck.

Ear reshaping

While it’s not one of the most popular facial cosmetic procedures, otoplasty can still give your face a great new look. Ear reshaping alters the appearance of ears, which may be unattractive either due to a birth defect or an accident. Otoplasty can be performed in a couple of ways, and one includes pinning the ears back to a more normal position, thus making them less prominent. The other possibility is to alter the shape and the position of ears, which will change the disfigured ears, making them look better.

Final thoughts

The more time goes by, the more plastic surgery becomes affordable and effective. This is just some of the reasons why the number of people going under the knife increases each year. They’ll gladly confide their lives to professionals and improve their physical appearance, bringing the youthful look back. However, every surgery carries a certain risk with it, so it’s necessary to remember that before you decide you should have a facelift, chin implants or otoplasty, you should talk to the doctor and make sure you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

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