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A saree state of affairs


Sarees are the de facto attire for formal occasions. We help you get your look just right.

Of all the creations in the world of fashion, one of the most alluring ones is the Indian saree.

An elegant yet sexy garment, the saree highlights the body’s curves and enhances its appeal. It makes the wearer appear taller, slimmer and statelier. It lends an air of grace and charm to the woman, making her look prettier than she already is.

Sarees are normally worn to formal events, though many women wear them even to work. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find an item of clothing that looks so regal and refined – and that makes it an ideal choice. If you are about to attend a formal occasion, do consult our simple guide below to put your look together. Do have your favourite online shopping site or app ready.

1 Pick the saree. Sarees come in many fabrics and designs, so picking one for the occasion might get a little daunting if you don’t yet know what you’re looking for. Before you access your favourite online shopping site, step back and think about the kind of sarees you like. Think about fabrics and colours, and also the kind of design the online saree should have. Next, consider the occasion. If it’s a wedding reception, then a silk saree will be just right. Or a simple cotton saree with a bold border should suffice for a housewarming party or a religious event. Once you have a fair idea of what to look for when shopping for sarees online, the online shopping task becomes much easier.

2 Match the footwear.Now that your online shopping site has given you a lot of choices for sarees online, you can proceed to buy suitable footwear that matches. Again, this is about making the right choice. If you are comfortable with high heeled pumps or stilettos, then you can certainly opt for them, but provided you glam up your look accordingly (a French chignon, strappy blouse, etc.) Else, flats are best for sarees.

3 Look for the right accessories. Once you have bought the saree online and also the accompanying footwear, you can browse for jewellery, a watch, a clutch, adornments like a bindi, etc. on the online shopping site or app. Do remember that while there is some element of matching between the clothing and the accessories, some amount of deliberate mismatch helps. Don’t match your clutch exactly with your saree and footwear, for example.

4 Makeup is important. Now that the clothing and accessories are out of the way, you can concentrate on buying makeup and perfume. Before you pick out cosmetics, start with a good cleanser and moisturiser. Next, pick out the makeup essentials like concealer, foundation, primer, lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow and blusher. Also pick out nail paint and polish remover, hair spray, lip gloss, etc.

There, you’re as pretty as a picture already! Wearing a saree to the formal occasion will make many heads turn in your direction – so be ready to accept a lot of compliments!

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My name is Kayla Brake. I'm a licensed Esthetician and makeup artist that has been in the beauty industry for over 10 years. I love my work and want to share my experience with others.

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