Bamboo Socks Versus Cotton


Bamboo is an incredibly resilient and useful material that often goes unnoticed. Many people think of bamboo in the same way they think of trees, so they don’t quite realise how useful it actually is. You probably wouldn’t think of a tree as a basic material for t-shirts or towels, so that’s why bamboo gets dismissed as well. However, that’s fundamentally misunderstanding what bamboo actually is. It’s a material that can mimic all the features of wood while being much more lightweight. It’s a preferred material for cutting boards that are lightweight, water-resistant, and resilient. It can also be spun into fibres. When it is spun into fibres, it is actually a great material for clothing. That’s because bamboo is actually a grass.


For many people, where their clothing comes from and how it is produced has never been more important. Cotton is a great material for making clothing, but it’s not quite as sustainable as bamboo. Bamboo is naturally pest resistant, with very deep roots. Since it resists pests, you won’t have to use harsh pesticides on it. Since it has such deep roots, it can go in search of nutrients and water, meaning it does not have to be fertilised or watered nearly as often. That will save the producers money, but will also reduce the need for inorganic or organic products.

It can also grow much more naturally. That growth is also very sustainable. Bamboo does not need to be replanted every year. When it is at the height of its growing season, it can grow up to 120cm in one day. That’s an incredible rate of growth. In a sense, a field of bamboo could be completely cut down every two days or so. That’s far less effort, and far less arable farmland being occupied, than an equivalent amount of cotton.


Men’s bamboo socks aren’t all about sustainability, though; they’re also about comfort. It doesn’t matter how sustainable and responsible clothing is if it’s not comfortable. Bamboo socks are incredibly comfortable. In several studies, researchers found that bamboo was rated as much softer than cotton. Additionally, it is more resilient. The fibres are stronger, so it does not tear or wear thin as quickly. Bamboo is lighter and thinner than cotton, while still being softer; therefore, it is more breathable and cool. Your feet won’t get as hot in your shoes if you’re wearing bamboo socks. Bamboo also tends to wick moisture away. Since you cool yourself when sweat evaporates, a fabric that wicks moisture away will help you cool down. Cotton just tends to absorb moisture and swell up.


Bamboo is also hypoallergenic. Some people have allergies to polyester, while others are allergic to cotton. If you’re allergic to cotton socks, bamboo is the way to go. It is highly hypoallergenic, and very few people have a bad reaction to it.

In practically every sense, bamboo is a superior material to cotton. The fibres are lighter and stronger, and the raw material has a much higher growth rate and sustainability.

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