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We all know the fact that Valentine’s Day is the greatest day of celebration of love. It is the best day to express your love to all your loved one and no one can disregard your love on this holy day. The usual gifts that do the rounds on this occasion are; roses, chocolates, and dinner dates. As a part of your Valentine’s Day gifts for wife you can select any or all of these. She won’t complain because the magic of this season somehow comes wrapped in these gifts. Still, to be different you can take her to some romantic destination to spend a week away from the hustle bustle of the city.

Apart from gifting do you want to know more about this special day? If yes, below are some of the very important and interesting aspects related to this day.

  1. There was a Roman festival held in honor of Juno, the Roman queen. Men would draw names of the potential darlings on their sleeves. And from that time the phrase “wearing heart on sleeve” came into common usage.
  1. We all know very well that chocolate is the most common gift on Valentine. But when did it came into being? It was Mr. Richard Cadbury from the biggest chocolate brand Cadbury who gifted a heart shaped box filled with mesmerizing chocolates to his wife in the year 1868. It was from this time that chocolates became an inseparable part of Valentine celebration. So, what is your creative mind up to now? Yes, go ahead and get a personalized red box full of chocolates from all over the world as a Valentine gift for wife. Attach a picture of your sweetheart inside the box.
  1. In this time of grueling break-ups, being together seems like a challenge – right? Actually our emotional quotient has reduced so much that we don’t pay any heed to our loved ones. But then the story of Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher can boost you up to believe in love and its eternal magic. Their marriage lasted for 86 years.
  1. The Chinese people have an alternative this Valentine’s Day festival known to be Qixi Festival. It is inspired by the love-story of a weaver girl and a cowherd. The weaver girl was a celestial being while the cowherd was mere a mortal being. They fell in eternal love and had two kids together but they were separated by a river. Magpies took pity on these souls and build a bridge for them on the 7th day of the 7th month of the lunar Chinese calendar.

I guess now you have some really stimulating stories for your knowledge about this very special day. Share it with other friends as well because there can be no pure emotion than love.

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