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Colon Cleansing Pills – Are they necessary and safe?

Colon Cleansing Pills – Are they necessary and safe

Colon cleansing can be described as a method to remove fecal matter and toxins which may still be present in the intestinal tract and colon. There are several methods to do this – colonic irrigation or by using supplements or colon cleanse pills to carry out a cleansing regimen. Products are available in powder, liquid or pill form.Colon cleansing tablets and supplements can be found on the internet, supermarkets, pharmacies or health food stores. Various forms of these include:Colon Cleansing Pills %E2%80%93 Are they necessary and safe

enemas (suppositories)
herbal teas
enzymes and
Cleansing can be done with irrigation as well – the process is somewhat like that of an enema. Water is injected into the system with a low pressure pump through the rectum. The abdomen is massaged so that the water is expelled from the body just like one would by a bowel movement. This process removes all the fluids and waste from the body. The process should last just about an hour.

During the process, water pressure and temperatures can vary and also combined with herbs, coffee, enzymes or even probiotics.

Why colon cleansing is done?

There are a few theories about why colon cleansing is necessary – the belief that sometimes food is not digested properly leaving behind undigested meat and other foods to build up in the colon. The buildup is believed to produce toxins in the body which enter the circulatory system and poison the system. These toxins are said to cause symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, fatigue and low energy.

Colon cleansing is very effective in helping people find relief with constipation conditions. The body is designed to eliminate waste and toxins quite well – lungs and kidneys eliminate toxins from the blood stream and bowel movements remove waste from the GI tract. Garcinia Colon cleanse pills can help people with the occasional clearing up of waste matter. What one has to remember is that the intestines play an important role in absorbing essential nutrients for optimal functioning of the body.

How to cleanse the colon easily:

A healthy and balanced diet will do the job effectively – lots of fiber and water do their job well. A diet low in fiber and less water usually leads to constipation. Fiber is important as it acts like a toothbrush to remove waste. The daily dose is 21-25 grams from women and 30-38 grams for men. By maintain a diet that comprises of fibre food, one can stay at bay from conditions like constipation.

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