Famous Ladies Tattoo

Famous Ladies Tattoo

The art of tattooing every day seems to be more popular and is no longer a taboo . Rarely can find a personality from the world of show business that does not have at least one , drawing on his tiny body . Most of them arise as a result of certain life stages , without much thought about how it will one day look at the old skin , although the option of removing , although painful , is always there . There are a number of established tattoo , which can be seen many people, but there are those very interesting , that we are inspired and that delight the eye. This is a list of some of the most memorable drawings that adorn the bodies of famous lady .Famous Ladies Tattoo
When we talk about the Queen tattoo Angelina Jolie , special place takes that one on her back : “Know your rights” and can be linked to her charity work and fighting for human rights .

Victoria Beckham , although , at first, a great opponent tattoo , now has over ten and one in particular stands out on her back written in Hebrew meaning – I am my love ‘s and my love is mine – and these are e the Bible verses .

The popular singer Rihanna put a tattoo in a very interesting place on her body that says – Never a failure , always a lesson- and can equalize with many turbulent situations of her life .


Authentic Lana Del Rey on the edge of her hand tattooed inscription – Trust no one , perhaps inspired by the film ” Scarface ” , which are also in her songs .


Beautiful model Freja Beha Erichsen big fan of ink , and the inside of her upper right arm standing maxim – Serendipity is life . .

Megan Fox ( Megan Fox ) has a large number of drawings on her body , a couple of quotes , and special attention is drawn to quote Friedrich Nietzsche on her right rib , which says : And those who were seen dancing , were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music .


Megan Fox quotes Nietzsche

Model Carmen Pedaru on the inside of the left wrist wrote Einstein formula ” A = X + Y + Z ” , success equals the sum of work , fun and always closed mouth .

Carmen follows Einstein’s recipe for success

Actress Evan Rachel Wood on her neck proudly carries the famous verse of Edgar Allan Poe – All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream .

Young Evan lover Alan Poe

Model Karen McNeil says : Never look back in anger .

Catherine is not resentful

The young star Demi Lovato on her feet tattooed the words: (Let go and let God ) , as a guide through the difficult moments .

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