I Fabulous Wedding Shots

The shoes

Every wedding is special and unique in its own way. The most important thing is that everything goes perfectly and that the couple lives happily ever after. However, you will need to document your wedding in order to have those memories forever, and that’s why you should take the best shots of the most perfect moments.

The shoes

As soon as you wake up on your wedding day, the fun and preparations start. This is a perfect opportunity to show off your bridal look and snap some photos for the beginning of the day. While you are getting your dress and makeup ready you can leave your shoes for a small photo session. Place your stunning bridal shoes next to your bouquet with you preparing your dress visible in the background and have a stunning first photo of your wedding day.

The rings

The biggest symbol of each wedding and marriage are the wedding rings. So why not take a few snaps? Get your planner out, circle the date of your wedding, decorate it with some cute little hearts and place the rings on the date. If you wish, you can even play with shadows and create some heart silhouettes and have a wonderful memory of your big day.

The eternal love

Weddings are all about the celebration of love and it should be documented. Organize a photo shoot somewhere in nature or at you and your SO’s favourite place. Then, let the professionals, like the ones who specialize in wedding photography in Sydney, document all the love you feel for each other. Hold hands, exchange the loving looks with your significant other while the sunset can be seen in the background and let the photographer take a few snaps of your undying love for each other.

Sealing the deal

As soon as the official pronounces you “man and wife” you get to have your first kiss as a married couple. This is certainly something to remember so have your photographer snap as many photos as they can of this special moment. Every first kiss looks beautiful no matter what is going on behind the couple and this will end up being your favourite wedding photo.

The first dance

After every beautiful ceremony comes the first dance of the newly-wedded couple. These few minutes of the first dance are the most emotional ones and they always look loving and mesmerizing. That’s why the first dance should be captured in a photo. Whether you are dancing to your favourite slow song or you are just having fun with some upbeat tunes, all of the emotions, happiness and love should be a part of your wedding photo album. Additionally, you will be happy to see your friends and family having fun around you and showing their happiness about your new life together.

Throwing the bouquet

This part of each wedding cannot be skipped. While your bridesmaids and other girlfriends are gathering behind you, take a moment to look back and take aim. Let the photographer capture all this hype and all the smiles and pretty dresses. This will also give you the chance to capture the beauty of your dress and hair for your wedding, as well as the joy of this special tradition. You can even have a sequence of several photos as you’re throwing the bouquet and all the girls are reaching up to grab it and be the next one in line to get married.

No matter the style and size of your wedding, it will be beautiful as long as you’re happy. Don’t miss out on your chance to create some beautiful memories by capturing all the memorable moments and have a photo album that you will enjoy looking at each day.

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