Mixing Modern & Traditional Heritage – Nicholas Deakins Clothing

Mixing Modern Traditional Heritage – Nicholas Deakins Clothing

Nicholas Deakins is an English brand that was started in 1991. They are known for both their general clothing goods as well as their footwear, which promise to bring a classy yet savvy appearance to their owners. Most of their upper wear clothing consists of Polo shirts to add the effect of seeming classy, but also give off the sportswear feel by also selling Jersey Polo shirts which illuminate the Rugby or Football player in the wearer.Mixing Modern & Traditional Heritage – Nicholas Deakins Clothing

Upper Wear Clothes
There are also wide selections of jackets for all occasions; you can find a nylon jacket, quilted zip throughs, mixed fabric zip throughs, Heritage check jackets, and Garment dye fleece loop back hooded tops. The nylon jackets are great for keeping warm because they are made with elastic wrists to keep the heat inside the jacket. The quilted zip throughs and fabric zip throughs are great for keeping warm while staying casual so you can move around easily. The Germent dye fleece and Heritage check jackets are great for formal occasions because they are made to look great with the highest quality materials.

Nicholas Deakins is a brand that cares about both appearance and comfort, so you can expect to be satisfied if you buy a jacket from them. This statement holds true for all their groups of footwear as well; whether you are looking for Nicholas Deakins, Harris Tweed, Deakins, or Heritage, you can expect the quality to be top notch.

Nicholas Deakins Shoes
Nicholas Deakins shoes use a more stylish, low cut approach to making a trendy yet comfortable shoe. Their sneakers use a combination of both leather and nylon in order to provide stable comfort, and then add to the classiness by quilting in their signature gold rose and reflective piping to make the shoe shine like new at all times. These shoes are perfect for people who plan to be on the move and want to look great at the same time.

Harris Tweed Shoes
Their Harris Tweeds shoes, on the other hand, are an exact opposite. All of their shoes are high tops, and go for being stable while providing the classy appearance that the brand name claims. These shoes are made of waxy leather and shine bright when taken care of.

Deakins Shoes
Next are their Deakins. Deakins are their cheapest brand of shoes that are generally made for kids. They range from loose shoes similar to Toms, all the way to sturdy shoes similar to their Harris Tweeds. Overall though, they are generally just cheap shoes for the kids to wear to school, ranging anywhere from 20 to 70 GBP.

Heritage Shoes
Finally, their Heritage shoes are the classiest of all. Using handmade Nautico leather from Spain, it guarantees the highest quality the brand can provide. They are high tops that are able to maintain their classy appearance using tonal embroidery, hand stitching, and patching the brand name on the heel. Overall Nicholas Deakins is a brand that promises fashionable clothing for all occasions, with high quality leatherwork for a reasonable price.

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