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Are You the Right Candidate for Hair Extensions


The ideal candidate for hair extensions wants to add thickness, length, colour, and/or texture when styling his or her hair. Including low-lights or highlights or other types of colouring is an ideal way to prevent damage to the hair as well. In turn, the length of your hair and lifestyle are two of the most important considerations when making a decision for the extensions.

For instance, you cannot add fusion-type hair extensions when the hair is a very short length. Short hair, especially hair that is layered, needs to grow out to about chin length before adding extensions. Also, if the layers are cut too high up on the head, the hair may not be ready for adding extensions. Even though the hair may appear to be the proper length, it may be layered too high, and therefore is not suitable for extensions. A stylist should locate the shortest layer before making an assessment.

Washing and Styling the Hair

Clients who exercise daily or wash their hair frequently also may not be the best candidates for extensions. Therefore, you not only need to weigh your level of activity but also think about options such as the use of dry shampoo. For instance, if you swim regularly, then you may need to seek another styling solution.

When you invest in extensions in any of the hair salons in Perth, you need to remember that the hair will require ongoing upkeep, extension replacement, and specialised products. Therefore, you must also make sure that your budget can handle maintenance. When considering extensions then, ask about the complete cost for maintenance for the whole year.

For example, hair extensions require a hair brush that is specially designed for extensions. Also, the hair needs to be replaced approximately every two to four months. Very few clients will go past four months without needing replacements. Whilst human hair extensions are of a premium quality, they still are not living hair. Hair extensions fall out after a time and need to be replaced.

As indicated, if your lifestyle is active, you do have the option to dry shampoo between regular washings. Clients need to factor in dry shampoo products and the extension brush and not skimp on the higher-quality conditioners and shampoos that are needed for the best extensions results.

Add Fullness to Fine Hair with Extensions

Fine hair can be nicely enhanced with the use of extensions. In fact, many salon clients love extensions as they provide added thickness and fullness. Even if you are losing your hair, you can benefit from the use of natural hair extensions. However, that being said, hair that is thinning at the crown is generally not suitable for extensions. Good extension results are also not achieved if the hair is severely damaged.

It is also important to make sure that you do not have any allergies to adhesives as adhesives are used for bonding purposes. If you have any medical conditions as well, you need to check with your doctor about adding extensions to your real hair.

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