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What do steroids do to your body, brain and muscles?

What do steroids do to your body brain and muscles

Steroids are mostly popular in body building world although they are even used in medical applications like treatment of few diseases. But large percentage of the people doesn’t know how steroids really affect the human body, mind and muscles. Initially steroids were synthesized mainly to treat few medical conditions. Recent years they became popular in fitness and bodybuilding world. Corticosteroids and anabolic steroids are the two types of synthetic steroids. Corticosteroids are mainly used in treating medical conditions like allergies. Anabolic steroids are mainly popular in the world of bodybuilding. So whenever there is some controversy heard about steroids it’s surely on anabolic steroids and not on corticosteroids.

How they act on body:

The most commonly known steroids are the anabolic steroids. This is due to their controversies as well as their use. Steroids came into picture in early 1900’s. Initially anabolic steroids are synthesized to target the treatment of hypogonadism. This issue is related to testes. In this condition individual face issues that affect the production of testosterone in testes.

After few years scientists go to know one more thing that along with treatments anabolic steroids can also do miracles in the world of sports. After this they became popular in athletic and bodybuilding.

There are plenty of anabolic steroids available today. One thing they share in common is their ability to speed up the muscle growth. This characteristic is the reason behind its usage by athletes. But in most sports anabolic steroid usage is declared illegal today.

Short term and long term effects:

Anabolic steroids should be injected directly into the targeted areas. This is the one more disadvantage of these steroids. Many people experience infections and swelling in the injected area. Alternatively if they chose the steroids creams, they have to bare noticeable odor.

Anabolic steroids are nothing but synthetic derivative of naturally occurring testosterone. So these can largely influence the gender characteristics in the person who is taking the doses up to 100 times the insisted levels. These conditions will definitely lead to lot of side effects. Some can be listed as follows:

  • Women may experience menstrual irregularities
  • Some may even experience stroke
  • Rapid mood swings, mania and elevated blood pressure are some of the commonly found side effects
  • Influence on gender characteristics include fertility issues, shrinking of testicles in men, growth of breast in men, excessive hair growth and deepening of voice in women
  • Heart issues
  • Chronic overdose of anabolic steroids can lead to detrimental effects on both mind and body

Long –term side effects of anabolic steroids can easily be seen by a person’s behavior and his outward appearance. Overtime it even influences brain functions even though there will not be any immediate responses. Steroids can influence the supply and production of neurotransmitters in the brain.

So overtime the effects caused by steroids can generate issues like changes in the mood and behavior. Some of the long-term effects include, stroke, heart attack, paranoia, aggression and anger. Some may experience tumors in the liver. Long term injection use of steroids can cause blood-borne diseases. Visit to grab more knowhow and information about steroids.

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