Tips On Choosing The Best Dress Form

Dress Form

It is important to consider some basic things that will guide into buying a dress form that best meets your dressing needs. It is crucial to ensure the dress model that you like. A dress model helps you achieve the right shape, size and design of a cloth you want. They are important in leading you when you want to make an exceptional dress. Dress forms are available in various designs with the intention of meeting the numerous dressing needs. Here are important tips that should guide you when making an investment in a dress model:

Ask yourself what the dress model will be used for

It is important to have a comprehensive understanding of how you intend to use the dress model. When you understand the various reasons you need the model, you will be able to find one that best suits your requirements. You will be able to choose a model that you can easily adjust to bring out the sizes and shapes that you want. You will also find a model that you can use to reproduce other dress models from it. Your needs can make you go for a custom made model that will correctly match your requirements or you can endeavor to create your own according to what you want to use it for in  dress making.

Body changes

When buying a dress model, it is important to consider any body changes. It is rare to maintain the same body shape and size forever. Body keeps on changing owing to different reasons.  When you are sure that your body will not change in the future, you can buy a dress form with a fixed size and shape. On the other hand, you can buy forms that are adjustable and alterable depending on the body changes.

Pregnancy is one of the factors that changes the shape of women’s body. You should consider an adjustable form that will meet the changes on the different parts of your body.



Quality is an important element when it comes to making choice of the model that you need. Always go for a model that assures you of quality model products. If it is an adjustable form, it should adjust easily and quickly to the shapes and sizes that you want. If it is a dial-to-fix form, it should fix to the shapes that you want upon dialing your preferred size.  Quality ensures that you do not experience problems with the form that you bought. You should have a smooth experience with the dress model that you select.


Without a budget, you cannot find a suitable dress model. The cost of the form that you want to buy comes in handy to determine what you will take home. You should not stretch your budget beyond your ability since doing that can do you financial harm.

A dress form is important when you want to come up with a dress that exactly meets your size and shape. To get the best outcome, you can decide to go for custom-made form that will take into account all of your body aspects and bring out a dress in your exact shape and size.


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