What not to wear – fashion rules!

What not to wear – fashion rules

While many designers often pride themselves on breaking rules – and rightly so, there remain a number of fashion rules that should be followed. Here are five long standing rules governing the fashion world today.

What not to wear – fashion rules

Avoid colours that clash

This look can work well on the catwalk but not really anywhere else. It takes a great deal of courage to wear bright reds, oranges and pinks on a rain soaked day in Britain. You might think you are cheering everyone up but in reality you will be giving them a headache. If you really want to wear strong colours that clash, contain one of them in a smaller area, perhaps a scarf, bag or hat. The same rule applies for prints as well as block colours. Wearing different prints is on trend at the moment but the key with this look is to make sure the colours of each print work well together.

Men, do not wear white socks!

This is still a golden rule in men’s fashion. Men should only wear white socks with sportswear and then only those tiny socks that do not rise much above your trainer. Socks should be plain or patterned.

Women – avoid showing a lot of leg and cleavage at the same time

This rule has been around for many years and, despite our enlightened times, it is as true today as it was 50 years ago. A very low top and a very short skirt look cheap; there is no getting away from it. It is much better to focus on either a short skirt or low top but never both. Too much flesh on show is off putting for everyone.

Horizontal stripes are fattening

You know the adage: horizontal stripes make you look fat, vertical stripes make you look slim. The truth is that neither works very well if you are on the plump side. If the stripes you are wearing are stretched across your ample curves, the result will be that you look bigger, regardless of which way the stripes are going. Plain black is still one of the most flattering shades to wear if you wish to play down your body’s sweeping curves.

Never wear denim on denim

It can work; there is no doubt about it. Jeans with a denim shirt or jacket can look pretty good on the right person but it is a look that is very hard to successfully pull off. If you are determined to give it a go, aim to break up the two denim pieces as much as possible. Avoid vast expanses of solid denim. Separate the two pieces any way you can, perhaps by wearing a long t-shirt under a denim jacket. And, above all, vary the denim tones.

Try dark wash skinny jeans with a light, chambray denim top for example. Men may be better avoiding denim on denim all together. Instead, they could team a dark cotton T with jeans for a casual cool.

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