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Airbrush Tan makes one Beautiful

Airbrush Tan

Getting a great tan from the sun involves the risks of premature aging and cell damage. It has been proven that excessive sun exposure for tanning increases the risk of developing skin cancer. This does not mean you have to stay out of the sunlight at all times. Sunlight has many health benefits such as inducing the production of vitamin D which helps with bone density and immune health. That comes from normal sun exposure, not baking yourself to a crisp. Good news can be found and it is that there is the Airbrush Tan.

This fantastic body painting work will provide a pristine and lasting tan of impressive proportions. With the right equipment, anyone can do it. However, not just anyone can do it right. With professional airbrush tanning, there will be a smooth tan with no lines or staining. Unlike tanning creams and lotions, a preferred pigment can be attained rather than the look of a walking orange cream-sickle. The color of the tan has to look natural or rumors will spread. It is better for your health in certain social circles to any potential derision.

Airbrushing uses a fine, focused spray like precision painting used by famous artists. The result is an impeccable and adjustable tan with smooth transitional tones to accentuate certain areas of the body and create an even more attractive appeal. For example, if you want to create marked abs, the option exists.


When looking at options for an Airbrush Tan, there are two options. One is a spray booth and the other is done by a technician. The primary problem with the booth method, though less costly and convenient, is that they can leave an uneven distribution of tanning. On the other hand, with the technician, you get the advantage of a real artist to paint your body in tanning detail. This is the best option to choose for the perfect tan.

While both options are reasonable and booths work fine for some, there is distinct advantage to direct tanning application with a skilled technician. Generally, these people also do art work and they may have portfolios to show you how you can be a work of art too. When you finally do choose a method, have a test spray done. After all, the proof is in the real work, not the promises made by advertising. A test is only done on a small area of the body in order to find the ideal tone sought by the desires of golden beauty.

After the test, it will be clear exactly how the rest of the body will look. If the first tan color doesn’t work for you, it can be adjusted to fit you specifically. By testing, you again are avoiding any useless embarrassment. With all of this taken care of, it is time to set up scheduling to maintain beautiful tans year round and avoid all of the harmful effect of solar tanning. It seems like nothing is safe at all sometimes when you know the sun can give you skin cancer now.

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