Marrying Form, Function, and Fashion in Great Jerseys for Cycling

Jerseys for Cycling

Is there any doubt that cyclists are some of the most fashionable athletes out there? Even if you aren’t the type of person who generally thinks about fashion forwardness when it comes to serious sporting events, it has to be admitted that cycling has an aura about its athletes in terms of their grace and appearance which is absent from many other sports. Simply put, elegance is a big part of cycling’s mass appeal, which makes sense for a sport whose biggest attraction involves a ride through Paris and the French countryside.

So, whether you’re training for the Tour de France or simply wish to look like a tour de force out there, here are a few things to keep in mind about the form, function, and fashion of your cycling jersey.

About Form

One of the most unique things about jerseys as they pertain to cycling is the fact that they can have such a huge impact as a result of their form. When it comes to cyclist’s jerseys, as a general rule, the tighter fitting the better. The exception to that rule, of course, is comfort. On the one hand, you want to cut down as much as possible on any kind of drag slowing you down. Baggy jerseys are thus big liabilities, meaning it’s all the more important for you to find outfits which fit you snugly. That said, you won’t exactly ride all that well if your jersey’s so tight that it’s uncomfortable or cutting off the circulation to your limbs, so a balancing act is needed here.

About Function

The functionality of your jersey is likewise important in terms of helping you ride smarter and faster. Ideally, the best cycling jerseys should allow your skin room to breathe while fitting you snuggly and managing your sweat. That last part may sound strange to anyone not familiar with cycling, but those in the sport will know “wicking”—that is, absorbing and cutting down on sweat, which can weigh down riders’ clothing and thus slow them down—is not only a real benefit but, with the prevalence of that technology among top cyclists, a necessity by this point for anyone looking to get serious about cycling.

About Fashion

And then, of course, there is the fashion angle to consider as well. In most sports, fashion is more of an afterthought, and while it certainly isn’t the first focus of those truly committed to winning, there’s no denying that cycling is one of the most elegant sports out there, which in turn makes it all just a bit more glamorous and fashionable. Bright colours are traditionally in vogue when it comes to cycling outfits, so find the colours which best suit you. If this is indeed something which matters to you, considering both the colours and fabrics used in the creation of your jersey will be an important step in ensuring your sense of fashion doesn’t get in the way of your finishing well.

Put together form, function, and fashion to get a cycling jersey that meets all your needs.

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