Flattering Summer Fashion For Older Women

Flattering Summer Fashion For Older Women

There’s no reason to believe that women get less interested in looking fabulous as they age. In fact, most older women find that they feel far more confident in middle age and onward than they did in their 20s, despite the myths that might say otherwise. If you’re an older woman who still loves to dress up, look gorgeous, and feel confident through the summer months, use these flattering fashion tips to stay on trend without breaking a sweat.

Think Sunny With Florals

There’s no time like summer to break out those pretty floral sundresses. While the spaghetti straps and low necklines of your teen years may be less appealing these days, an older woman can still look stunning in a classically cut floral dress. Brands like teaberry clothing specialise in perfectly tailored dresses that flatter a vast range of body types, so you’ll easily find a floral dress that you’ll feel breezy and beautiful in this summer.

Some older women find that they feel self-conscious exposing their arms in the summer months – fortunately, a sundress looks just as gorgeous with a light cardigan thrown over the top, or a pashmina to cover the upper arms on formal occasions. If you prefer a more structured look and something less laid-back, a tailored blazer jacket instantly adds a chic edge to a sundress. Play around with patterns and colours to find the look that you feel best in.

Experiment With Quirky Trends

There’s no need to retreat into the world of old-fashioned styles as soon as you hit 40 if you naturally prefer to push the envelope with your sartorial choices. Some of this summer’s hottest trends work just as well for 50-somethings as they do for university students. For example, jumpsuits are a great way to stay stylish without sacrificing summer comfort or flattering fits. You can opt for a more formal dressy jumpsuit in a beautiful print for a wedding or evening out, or keep it casual with a slouchy denim jumpsuit for a BBQ in the back garden. Dress yours up with wedges for added height and extra confidence.

If the jumpsuit isn’t your thing, you may want to give the kimono trend a shot. Kimonos are more than just an iconic cultural costume – they’re also a comfortable and timelessly stylish fashion statement. You can play around with prints to mix things up from day to day, layer over skinny jeans for a sharper look, or belt it to draw attention to a narrow waist. When worn loose, a kimono can cover up the areas of your body that you’re self conscious about while keeping you cool in hot weather.

Wear The Classics  

There are certain fashion pieces that are timeless and never go out of style, and many of them work perfectly for summer regardless of your age. A loose fitted, clean white shirt always looks stunning over a comfortable pair of jeans and can be worn lounging at home or out to dinner without ever looking out of place. Similarly, oversized sunglasses will quickly cover up wrinkles around the eyes, shield your face from harsh sunlight to protect your skin, and ensure that you look like a French film star all summer long. There’s no way to get these classic pieces wrong; simply wear them with confidence.

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