Indian Terrain Plans On Entering Women’s Comfort Segment

Indian Terrain Plans

The Chennai based brand Indian Terrain has made quite a name for itself in the Indian markets and that is all due to the product that they provide and the excellent quality they have to offer to their customers. The company was founded by Mr. Venkatesh Rajgopal in the year 2000 and it was there with the sole purpose of providing the urban, cosmopolitan, semi-urban man with the clothing they require be it jackets, shirts, jeans whatever. This was a garments company exclusively for the men and it used to provide them with the workwear along with the casuals.

The company separated from the parent company in the year of 2010. The parent company being the celebrity fashions limited. After the separation there was a need for expansion and the company expanded including a new segment in their midst and Indian Terrain Boy came into being and since September 2015 this company has been manufacturing and selling garment for children between 4 – 16 years. The product of this new sections of the company was and is said to be inspired by the older designs as in full grown men style which make the children look a little more mature than they really are.

In the year of 2016 the company again decided to expand, and Indian Terrain Footwear was born in the month of October 2016. These pieces where expertly curated and efficiently designed so that they may attract the audience. These shoes were so designed that they paired easily with the khaki and the other pants and enhance their beauty which made them an instant hit. The company with all these has an average annual turnover of about Rs.500 crores and the company retails all over Indian and through e-commerce as well.

Well from what the management has to say, the company is gearing up for another expansion and this home-grown garments brands which is exclusive for the menswear in now going to explore the terrain of women clothing. The company has been selling western menswear since 2000 and now it is gearing up to sell western womenswear.

The company’s founder Mr. Rajgopal commented that they are growing at the rate of 20-25% and they would really like to sustain that growth rate till the point of time they really can. This expansion is supposed to give them an extra edge and help them sustain their growth rate without nay hitch.

With the expansion in the womenswear the company will have its roots in a whole new department and thus it will have leverage n a whole new section of the market and one that is supposed to turn profits much more than the others due to the shopping spree of women, what they are notorious of.

From the talking heard off the big guys up the hierarchy chain in the company, the company is planning to the full capacity before executing anything. The planning, the retail strategies, the designing of the clothes, the styling and the advertisement are going to take a few months, but the company has set its mind on the expansion project.

As per the experts from the market the expansion of the company into the genre of womenswear is likely to push the growth rate of the company above the present percentage of 20% and this will greatly influence the company’s future and development. With the womenswear market the fastest growing and profiting apparel market is expected to increase by 11% in the coming years and the total market is expected to rise to 2.77 trillion rupees by 2025, it is a very wise decision on behalf of this Chennai based brand.

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