Ideas to shine with black prom dresses

Ideas to shine with black prom dresses

Many girls wear black prom dresses for an evening, but few know how to wear it correctly. Squeezing the juice out of every inch of fabric, to achieve pure elegance and sensuality. It is the key garment that should be in your wardrobe every season. Turning them indispensable, essential and timeless. Therefore, we advise you how to take advantage of your Jovani black prom dresses to the fullest.

For all occasions

The color black has personality, is considered elegant while reflecting authority and power in any event. It will never go out of style because you can reinvent it with some accessories. Making it suitable for every meeting.

If your reunion will be during the day and outdoors, you can wear a short black tight dress. But the ideal is that the length is below your knees. For that occasion, you can use a soft material dress, like the wool crepe.

If it is at night, the fabric can be a little thicker. It must also be tight, and you can wear suspenders. It is recommended that the corset is in the shape of a heart.

It is adaptable

The black prom dress adapts to different body shapes. If you are a woman with a big bust, a round neck dress is your best option, so you will visually reduce in size. On the other hand, if you want to highlight your waist, the dress can be achieved if you complete it with a belt. This trick will enhance your hips. Try to match it with your shoes. The belt will give shape to a baggy design but will accentuate the fit ones.

The empire-cut dress hides imperfections like the pronounced abdomen and wide hips. The V-cut and sleeveless design is great for petite women.

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Combine it

It must be a basic element in every woman’s wardrobe. It is versatile because of the number of combinations that can be made with it. Among the accessories are the shoes, because they manage to transform the look of any garment.

If you want to have a sober appearance, the shoes for this style are closed and a thin heel will make you look formal. If you are looking for the opposite, to become a bit daring and leave the formality aside, you can complement the black dress with some boots or ballerinas. If your style is pure elegance, it is appropriate to wear open high-heeled shoes or high sandals. If one of these shoes goes in red, you will complete the perfect look, because it is the best ally of black.

Other accessories that change the view of your black dress are the belt, the purse, or the jewelry. A colorful necklace or a multicolored bracelet will enhance any style. The silver highlights with black and provides a touch of sophistication without reaching formality.

Short dress

One of the advantages of wearing a short black dress is that you can add other clothes without losing style. You can wear a blazer or a long vest over the dress. Also, a fur coat of a striking color adss life to black.

If you have chosen a short dress, it is because you want to look and feel fresh, but at the same time, you understand that you must be formal because of the size of the event. Play with the accessories; you can use a colorful handbag or try with prints and textures. If it happens during winter, accompany it with some long boots with a contrast color.


Harmonizing your look will depend on the type and color of makeup that you decide to wear. You must follow specific guidelines to achieve it. The smoke eyes or smoky eyes technique is suitable for the night; the delineation of deep eyes with shadow blur and mascara. The rest of the makeup should be neutral, since the idea is to highlight the eyes. Use glosstodecorateyourlips.


While it is true that the black color mixes with everything, avoid dark brown, navy blue or white. Also, using feathers on the head or Gilda gloves will take away all the elegance and sobriety of the outfit. Furthermore, the big bags are forbidden for social events; they do not add anything to your look.


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