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So, is your high school prom night knocking at the door? Well, I’m sure you must be super duper excited to attend it and of course, needless to say, want to win the ‘Prom Queen’ title or at least, manage to sway the hottest guy off his feet. But for that, do you know what you’ll have to do? Well, it’s pretty simple; you need to purchase a drop-dead gorgeous prom dress that would help you stand out amongst the other ladies. And through this blog, I’ll help you pick a beautiful prom gown or dress that’ll surely make you the “centre of attraction” in the party. But, before I proceed, let me ask you about the theme of your prom night. What? The prom theme is inspired by ‘The Vampire Diaries’? That’s unique and amazing! And, I’ll guide you to pick a prom dress that will help you look as gorgeous as Elena Gilbert or Caroline Forbes, the leading ladies of Vampire Diaries.  

Read on to know more.

Step 1: Choose a “Vampirish” Color

The first step to pick a dress that’ll perfectly go with the vampire diaries themed prom night is choosing the apt color. To do justice to the theme, always stick to “vampirish” colors such as oxblood, marsala, pure red, wine, jet black or charcoal black. Dresses of these colors are easily available at the top designer stores and even in many online websites that sell cheap prom dresses.

Confused about which color to choose amongst these six? Well, I would suggest you go for ox-blood color because that’ll not just do justice to the theme, but it also belongs to the list of “top 5 trendy winter shades 2018”. So, wait no more and purchase an oxblood-colored prom dress.

Fashion Tip: If you are planning to don an oxblood cheap prom dress, make sure you put on a black lipstick. Believe it or not, you are going to look smoldering hot.

Step 2: Decide the Length of the Dress

Next, you’ll have to decide the length of the dress. For a vampire-themed party, it’ll always be better if you purchase long dresses. Looking for a logic behind my suggestion? Well, I haven’t seen any onscreen female vampire character who has donned a short skater dress. Instead, I have always seen them wearing long bodycons, mermaid-cut dresses or the simple, floor-sweeping gowns. So, I would suggest you purchase a similar kind of dress.

Fashion Tip: If you want to look “hot as hell” like a hot female vampire who loves to allure men, how about choosing a long bodycon, mermaid-cut dress or floor-sweeping gown that has all or either of the following features such as a side slit (preferably thigh-high), illusion plunged neckline, lace up back, etc.

Step 3: Pick a Sultry Material

I’m sure you have noticed that all the female vampires are extremely sexy and sultry. Hence, while choosing a dress, make sure you opt for the one that’s tailored using a sultry material such as ultra-sheer lace, tulle, chiffon or a fully sequined material.

This choice is difficult, isn’t it? Well, don’t worry as I’m there to rescue! All these above-mentioned materials are undoubtedly capable enough of adding the “sexy factor” to your prom dress. But, if you want to go with the latest trend, then stick to lace or shimmery dresses. They are truly tending and would make you look awe-strikingly gorgeous!

Final Fashion Tip: Keep in mind that vampires are known for their natural beauty and pale skin tone. Hence, try to focus on your makeup and yes, avoid jewelry.

To get more tips related to purchasing cheap prom dresses or how to deck up perfectly for a themed prom night, keep following my blogs!

Author bio- Natalie is a fashion designer-cum-blogger who has written several blogs on how to dress up for a prom and how to pick cheap prom dresses. To get some amazing fashion tips, keep following her blogs.

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