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5 ways to style yourself with mandarin collar jackets!

mandarin collar jackets

The styling statements keep changing with time and people find something more alluring to wear. The mandarin collar is among those trends, this type of clothing style is in trend due to its classy look that gives a sharp appearance to the person wearing. The mandarin collars are short unfolded stand up collar available in shirts or jackets for men. The mandarin collars start from the neckline and typically use up to 4-5 centimeters vertically. The mandarin collars itself fashion statements for people but you can add more style to it with the help with these 5 ways.

  1. More Mandarin Focused Dress up

The ideas are to keep the mandarin collar the focus of your clothing style to make sure it is reflecting the expected style. You need be minimalistic in term of wearing other things that could contrast with the collar and clash each other in terms of getting attention. It is important that your mandarin collar shows take the center stage in your appearance.

  1. Paired Mandarin Collar with the perfect bottom wear

You should pair you mandarin collar with the most suitable option available in bottom wear as the collar alone won’t give you a complete look. The complete look will come with the combination of the mandarin collar with a bottom wear that suits your body shape and type of mandarin shirt or jacket you are wearing. You can choose shorts, jeans, chinos, trouser or formal tapered trousers to make complete your mandarin collar look. If you want to give a casual touch to your look you need to be very careful while selecting the mandarin collar shirt or jacket that could be paired with jeans easily.

  1. Add more mandarin style

If you don’t want to go along with a mandarin shirt and feels like to add some more wear to it you have options for that too. You can add a mandarin collar jacket or blazer on the shirt to get a sharper look. Blue color mandarin blazer will be a perfect, match for your mandarin shirt if you are preparing for a formal attire. You can also take a sleeveless mandarin blazer to become a more casual type. However, wearing something over a mandarin collar shirt needs leaves you with the only option of choosing any mandarin collar jacket or blazer.

  1. Accessories

To be in the more mandarin look you need to keep your accessories a bit low in the look, you can go with simple shoes, textured belt, and a pocket square if you want to. Adding attention casting accessories will harm your whole mandarin collar attire and the contracts will no longer let the look to spread around that you planned.

  1. Extra Tips

In case you don’t want a clear and clean mandarin look you can experiment with the style a bit by using printed mandarin collar shirts or jackets. Don’t remember to cuff your sleeves and add a pair of sunglasses or a hat to the look.

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