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When you ask the stylist regarding perfect setting of hair, the thing that they will first mention is pomade. Pomade is nothing but the hair styling product that makes the hairs to be in the same position. With the aid of it you can make any kind of style in your hair. There are no constraints in using it.


When it comes to the kind of pomade, we can say that they are two. One is oil based pomade and the next is water based. According to the need and the preference of the stylist the kind will be chosen. Each kind has its own properties. If you want to have the shiny, firm look for the longer duration, then you can pick the oil based pomade. But the only thing is that you need to take care of the hair more while washing. Since it is greasy you need to apply shampoo and then remove in a proper procedure. If you fail to follow the right procedure in the removal process then you might encounter any of the damages in the hair on the long run.

In the case of the water based pomades, there is no need to take extra care. They can be removed just with the water. The same thing can be a drawback for you in the spring season. The hair setting might get ruined if you drench in the rain. So you need to be careful in such cases if you use water based pomade.

Other attributes:

Cost wise, both category will vary with each other. The oil based pomade is affordable when compared to the water based pomade. Also the quality lies in the brand. You should search for the best branded ones in the market. You should analyze and get to know which is best and good in quality. Since you are going to apply on your hair you should be careful in picking the right one for you. Read the reviews that given by the stylist regarding the different pomades on brand wise. They could help you to have an idea on it in a great manner.

Go through the pros and cons of the product and decide which is best and suitable for you. If you spend some time on it, you can able to get the right one with ease. You should also give importance to the customer comments without failure. The real life experience of the people regarding the pomade is very important as they could show you the real face of the effects. This will help you to save you in the safer side and you will make a good choice in addition.

Buy online:

When you buy online you can able to have the chances to get introduced with the international brands. Moreover you can easily decide which is best when you shop online. Also you can buy the products with the offers so that you can save the considerable amount of money.

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