Tips for Selling Your Old Clothes on eBay


Many people don’t realise just how much money is stowed away in their wardrobes, and by having a clear out of the items you don’t wear anymore, you can make yourself a little bit of extra cash. One of the best places to sell your clothing is on eBay, one of the world’s largest selling websites. People search for unique, different and high quality clothing every day, so you’re in with a good chance of getting some bids.

  1. Start the bidding off at a low price

Psychologically, more people are likely to bid on items which have a lower starting price. This doesn’t necessarily mean that people won’t bid very high, but it makes them feel like they’re getting a bargain if the auction starting bid is very low. If your clothes are high quality and in good condition, it’s unlikely that they won’t attract high bids eventually anyway, so you don’t need to worry about your items selling for much less than they’re actually worth.

  1. Look at what other people are selling similar items for

eBay will usually tell you the average starting bid for similar items which people have posted, but if you’re not sure, search for a similar item and see what type of bids it’s getting. This is a good way of seeing if your clothing is actually worth selling on eBay or if you’re better selling them elsewhere. For example, items bought from an alternative clothing store might attract higher bids on a website which caters specifically for that type of clothing.

  1. Give as much information as possible

Yes, people can send you a private message asking for more details if they require, but it’s a lot easier if you simply list all the important details when you post the item. Measurements are always very useful, especially since people won’t be trying on the items and have to go off what you’ve posted about it. You should list the exact measurements of certain parts such as the collar, chest and arms. This allows people to easily check whether or not the clothing would fit them, and they’ll be more likely to place a bid there and then.

  1. Post great pictures

If you feel confident enough to model your clothing, potential buyers often like seeing what the items look like on somebody. Make sure you take pictures against a good background and pose in a manner which shows off the clothing properly. You should post close up photographs of any damage to the items, since if you fail to alert the buyer about any damage, they can open a case with PayPal and demand a full refund for their purchase.

  1. Don’t forget the brand

You should include the brand, size and full description of the item in the title of your listing. People will search for certain brands and are particularly interested in knowing where the items are from. Buyers on eBay often search for just a brand that they like, so including it will attract the right people.


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