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A Complete Guide of Buying Fresh Water Pearls from the Internet

Fresh Water Pearls

Fresh water pearls are increasingly becoming popular and are preferred by many people over Salt water pearls. They are available in many varieties. In order to choose the best Fresh water pearls, it is important to consider certain critical aspects.

Factors to consider while buying Fresh water pearls

 There are numerous aspects that may be considered with regard to Fresh water pearls. Few of them include:


 The mollusks of Fresh water pearls avoid the round shell shape towards the pearl’s start. Small inserts may be used at the start of the pearl. These pearls may adopt a variety of shapes ranging from baroque, potato, near round and round. However, round shapes are extremely rare and expensive. For more information regarding the different aspects of Fresh water pearls and the most popular Akoya pearls, please visit pearlsonly.com. The website offers detailed and accurate information regarding the features of Fresh water pearls.


 The size of the pearls is an indication of their cost. While buying Fresh water pearls online, it is important to ascertain the size in mm. The pictures of pearls shown on the internet may be exaggerations. It is hence important to ascertain the exact size.


 Most Fresh water pearls show certain imperfections or blemishes. They usually show some signs of banding which generally shows as a luster difference situated within a narrow band. The blemishes in the pearls are reflected in the internet photos. It is hence important to examine them carefully.

Method of tying

 Most Fresh water pearls are tied with silk threads with a knot in each pearl. The cost of the pearls may vary according to the stringing time required. Synthetic threads may also be used for stringing pearls. They offer better strength than silk threads.

Fresh water pearls have various unique features. It is hence important to gather knowledge about the various aspects before making a purchase decision.

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