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Once considered an upper garment worn only by men, women’s polos began to be socially acceptable for women to wear in the1970s and 1980s.  Currently, it has become acceptable to wear women’s polos, but the polo shirt style actually started out as a polo dress, worn by “waspy” and “preppy” women to barbecues, picnics, or for grocery shopping.

When more and more women went into the workforce, they were also looking for casual but professional-looking shirts.  Thus, they began to wear polo shirts.  Designers caught on and began to manufacture polo shirts that are more suited to a woman’s figure. This change in the way women are dressing is a reflection of how they are being treated in history.  When women started wearing polo shirts to work, it is a mark that they are slowly being accepted as equals in the work place. Today, women’s polosare worn everywhere. Food, tourism, and retail industry employees usually wear polo shirts as their uniforms.  The company logo is usually embroidered at the sleeves or in front of the shirt.

Different Designs of Polo Shirts

The fabric of most women’s polo shirts are mostly pure cotton, cotton blended with polyester, or cotton blended with spandex.  Although the main design of a soft collar and two to three button neckline is a standard of any polo shirt, women’s poloshave different designs well-suited to a person’s style and preference.

  1. For the relaxed and conservative girl, they prefer the loose-fitted with a clipped hem. This falls to mid-hip level so that it covers the tummy when they stretch or bend over.
  2. For the girl who prefers to show off her curves, they prefer the stretchy fit that falls to mid-hip level.
  3. For an active girl who just wants to feel comfortable, there is the relaxed fit with four-button placket. This has slightly shorter sleeves and straighter sides, and it has a more boxy shape.
  4. For the sporty girl, there is the sport polo shirt- semi fitted with a zip placket. The fabric of this type of polo usually has moisture-wicking properties.
  5. Girly girls prefer the sleeveless polo shirts which they can wear with short skirts or shorts.

Women’s Polos Dos and Don’ts

Here are some general rules in wearing women’s polo shirts:

  1. Fitted polo shirts are nice, but don’t wear them too tight. Polo shirts that are constructed well will fall nicely over your body and will still show off your figure.
  2. Make sure that the size of the polo shirt that you will wear is proportionate to your height.
  3. Popping up your polo shirt’s collar is not recommended. That trend is officially over even before it started.  Actually, it was originally meant to be a way to shield the back of your neck from the sun while playing tennis or polo.  So it is not a fashion statement.
  4. Avoid oversized logos.

This fashion classic has now become a must-have staple inside every working woman’s closet.  Women’s poloscome in different designs and colors and are a very versatile and flexible piece of clothing. To view our large collection of ladies polo, please visit:


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