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Formal Dresses Colours

Formal Dresses Colours

Formal dresses come in so many different colours especially if you are shopping online as most items let you choose the colour you want. Colours are the key to getting everyone’s eyes and 2011 loves this. Pastel colours such as pinks, yellows, greens and blue are the trends this year however don’t be afraid to make it bold. The excellent key to wearing colour is accessorising in silver or gold jewellery to give the outfit a more elegant look and finishing with the silver heels. However back to basics colour black and white formal wear are still very much in trend. But having the perfect colour of your dress is only a portion of the dress, the style is another key influence. Shapes 2011 brings the wonderful a-line dress as an essential. An a-line dress is a dress that is narrow at the top but gently flares wider to give you a more straight slimming look. Although this isn’t going to be the case for every girl as we are all different shapes and sizes. For someone with curves or large hips a ball gown skirt dress is the best option as most and slimming at the waist and then flares out into the ball gown skirt. However an a-line dress is appropriate as well because this flares out around the hips onwards but isn’t as big and bold as the ball gown skirt. For someone who isn’t happy with their arms an essential is a strapless dress, especially with a sweetheart neckline (sweetheart neckline being a dress that has a heart shape top), you could also top this off by having some of your dress draped over your shoulders like a wrap. Lengths Formal dress are essentially long either to the ground or a couple of inches higher so you are able to see your shoes, this is also a more common dress than the prom dress (short dress) as long dresses always have a more elegant look and a perfect feel for the formal. But this isn’t all cases, for someone with long legs might prefer to wear a shorter dress to show them off, in this case be sure that the dress isn’t too short as there is always the after party for that. Formal is a formal wear event and to get that formal wear tick an elegant long dress is always the appropriate choice. If you would like more advice Visit: Personal Stylist Melbourne Or if you would like some to personally come out and shop with you search: Personal Shopper Melbourne

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