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Slip into Fashion with a Stretch Fitted Dress

Slip into Fashion with a Stretch Fitted Dress

Whether making an appearance at the hippest restaurant, club, or even stretch fitted dress 1spending a day in the office, a stretch fitted dress is perfect for any occasion. You’ll find stretch fitted dresses in many different styles, shapes, and sizes, from many of the top designers. There are short and long options, styles with dipping necklines, and even those that harken back to classic fashion designs. Here are some reasons a stretch fitted dress is always a flirty and fun wardrobe choice:Slip into Fashion with a Stretch Fitted Dress

Easily Convertible

A stretch fitted wrap dress is a good look for any professional event. Choose a classic color like black, navy, grey, or brown, then dress up or down for the event by adding a blazer, shrug, a smart pair of tights, and as many accessories as you like. One of the huge advantages of owning a great stretch dress is the ability to wear it to many occasions, and then spruce it up with jewelry, dangling earrings, or a quick change of shoes and hairstyle for a night on the town. You can go from meetings to date night in a flash.

Shape Your Body

A stretch fitted dress in cotton, lace, jersey, or knit is a great way to make your outfit, no matter how casual or professional, look tailored and chic. These fabrics are designed with a little give to hug your curves in all the right ways. Many dresses are cinched at the middle to add volume to your chest or hips, whatever your trouble area, or accentuate the volume in those areas you already have, all while also accenting your waist. For extra structure, look for a dress and belt combo. Then, match your purse and shoes to your belt. The addition of a belt, whether chunky or thin, is a great way to add a little accent to your fabulous dress and really bring an outfit together.

Elegance or Fun, You Decide

You will find many different lengths of stretch fitted dresses that are appropriate for all occasions. This includes long, flowing, and elegant for a more formal affair, or short and flirty for a good time at your local gathering place. Some feature color bloc accents, metallic prints, digital prints, or more that really give you a pop of color and allow you to play with lots of fun jewelry combinations, if you want, or leave the piece to speak for itself with bold prints and patterns. To transform a long dress from formal to fun is really simple: just trade heels or boots for sandals add more jewelry, and you are good to go. Or, take your short, flirty dress to more professional by adding a shrug, sweater, vest, or blazer. Trade in flats or sandals for heels or boots. Wear simple, yet elegant jewelry, and opt for a smaller bag. The ability to go from formal to flirty is another reason you should consider buying a fitted dress today.

Good for Any Season

A stretch fitted dress can easily be layered because the fabric is so light, thin, and tight, in many cases. As mentioned above, you can add a fashion vest, shrug, cardigan, blazer, or even wear a chunky sweater over a dress. Try out different options for tights and shoes with one dress to convert it from summer to fall or fall to winter. Layering gives you the power to take any fashionable item purchased in one season and easily keep it in your wardrobe for the next one to come. Try layering even with long sleeved dresses. It’s a great way to recycle a dress for a few different looks.

Different Uses

A stretch dress won’t just serve you as a simply outfit for an occasion. Depending upon what type you choose, they also make a great cover-up at the beach, lake, or pool during the summer season. Imagine quickly going from your bathing suit to a reasonable, fun, even elegant outfit. Stretch dresses are easy to throw in an overnight bag, tote, duffel, or backpack. Go from a brief swim to a late night barbeque without missing a beat, if you want. No matter what, you’ll still look fresh and great in a colorful maxi dress or longer style stretch fitted dress.

Go Buy Yours Today!

With all the above reasons, possibilities, and uses for a stretch fitted dress, why aren’t you buying one, already? Even if you are short on cash, a fitted dress can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe for quite some time, for many seasons, and as a base for lots of different looks. You won’t have to worry about buying or wearing one outfit for the office, and then changing before making an appearance around town. Explore your options and purchase one today.

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