How a Cool Wallet Can Mean Better Security for You

Cool Wallet

In general, people are probably a lot more honest than we give them credit for. When they realize another person has dropped money from their wallet or left their credit card behind on the counter, they let them know and return it to them. Unfortunately, there are always those people who are not honest and who are always looking for someone’s vulnerable moment to grab something that doesn’t belong to them. The Naked Wallet explains that the slim, functional design of their cool wallet enhances security while also providing style and comfort.

For Women

For most women, their purse is like a filing cabinet. There is a spot for everything and they always take everything with them “just in case.” The problem is that if their purse is stolen, everything is gone. Not only does that mean they are left with no available cash; most will also have credit cards, store cards, identification, and even family pictures that they may not be able to get back.

Holding onto your purse securely isn’t enough to prevent it from being stolen. Thieves will cut purse straps and take off with your valuables in a matter of seconds. You never know when you will become the target of a purse snatcher or where you may be when you are at the greatest risk.

The best solution is not to carry a purse at all and, with the cool wallet, you don’t have to. Although the minimal design allows you to put it in almost any pocket, it can securely hold everything you need without the obvious bulk of a traditional wallet or purse. In the past, women would often pin their money inside their clothes. The cool wallet is a better alternative that keeps cash and cards out of sight of potential thieves while allowing you the comfort of a thin, functional wallet.

For Men

Nearly all men put their wallets in their back pants pocket. (As evidence, try to find a pair of men’s slacks or jeans that do not have rear pockets). This is probably a practice that most pickpockets approve of! Those that have honed their craft can remove a wallet from a man’s rear pocket effortlessly and without detection.

There are those who put their wallet in a front pocket but at the cost of comfort. Most can feel their presence whether they are walking or sitting down. It is also more difficult to retrieve the wallet from the front pocket when sitting down.

A cool wallet can be carried in the front pocket comfortably without being noticed. The functional design allows cash and cards to be kept secure without the stiff layers of material that cause a problem with other types of wallets.

Better Security for Everyone

The spring action of the cool wallet keeps cash in place, along with the cards that are placed inside the fold. Getting what you need is easy and it doesn’t put everything else at risk of getting lost or misplaced. The cool wallet is hands down the best choice for keeping everyone’s cash and cards safe and secure.

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