List of Questions Never To Ask To a Bride – To – Be


Planning a wedding can be and usually is stressful. This means that the bride and groom are facing certain tasks that must be completed in order to organize their big day. But things often do not take place according to their schedule. Contact Serli Siron today and see what they have to offer for your big day.

Since the human imagination is quite rich there is probably a list of questions that you want to ask your bride – to – be. There are questions you can ask, and there are questions that you cannot ask the bride especially not before the wedding.

Here is a list of those questions:

Did you gained some weight?

There is no context in which it is perfectly acceptable to say something like this to any woman. Even if she put on weight, these are not words that will express concern, but can only do harm or cause stress in the bride – to – be. The only thing worse than that is that she might be pregnant. Maybe that’s why she is getting married? This does not concern you; If she has something to tell you, be sure that she will.

Why did not you invite…?

This question is irritating because it directly interferes with the way the newlyweds imagined their own wedding, and an integral part of this concept is the number of guests. You should not ask questions that may evoke unpleasant memories or make them feel guilty because they did not invite someone to the wedding. If you’re curious about the list of guests, find another way to ask questions about that. Or, simply, do not.

What happened with your ex?

He was really great! Such questions are not acceptable, never, especially not on someone’s wedding day.

Are you going to wear white dress? Yes, we know what symbolizes white color – purity, virginity and we know that about 90 percent of young people today are not virgins before the marriage, so asking such a question may be inappropriate. It is very likely that the bride – to – be will want to wear white even if she has five children from five previous marriages. Unless the topic of discussion is not whether they should wear white or not, this question may be inappropriate for the simple reason that goes into someone’s privacy.

This music is not to my taste. If you like a certain genre of music, then shut up. That wedding is not really about you. Pretend to like it and have fun, it is just for a few hours.

Anything related to divorce. OK, the statistics are concerning – a huge number of people who get married get divorced. But do you really need to mention divorce to someone who is getting married? Again, what is the point? To understand that everything is temporary and to enjoy the present moment? Even so, this is not the way to do it. Therefore, these topics should be postponed, if they have no constructive purpose, forever.

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