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Perfect Spring Outfits 4

Spring is an amazing season with the temperature slowly rising and everything around us coming back to life. Still, it’s not as warm as we’d like, especially in the morning, and occasional rain can ruin our plans for that day. Picking the right outfit can be a real pain, since in the morning it can be really cold, only to get a lot warmer during the day, and then cold again in the evening. For all those who need some fresh spring outfit ideas, we have a few we would like to share with you.

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Wellington boots

Rain can ruin your day even before it starts – there’s mud everywhere and your good shoes will probably be ruined. This is where good old wellington boots come into play to keep your feet dry and your jeans clean. While they used to be worn solely in the garden, today’s wellies are as stylish as they get. Bright pink, with lovely prints, or ankle bots for commuters who don’t want to go ‘full-on welly’ while walking to the office are the best choice. Even if you don’t necessarily walk to the office every day, a pair of wellington boots are the best for commuting because they are watertight, often scratch resistant, and they’ll keep you dry and clean.

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You might think that knitwear is for colder seasons only, rainy fall and snowy winter, but one of the best things about knitted clothes is the fact that they’re versatile. This means that some of the knitted items can be worn in spring as well; they will be comfortable and look trendy at the same time. Choose classic knitwear pieces: off-shoulder tops, striped dresses, or even coatigans – a lovely combination of coat and cardigan which is perfect for the season, because it’ll keep you warm but won’t be too bulky to wear. Turtleneck sweaters are also a great choice for those rainy days and chilly mornings that can occur in April.

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Statement coats

Whether we like to admit it or not, spring can surprise us with some really chilly mornings and rainy days, and when that happens we have to put on something warmer. Instead of going back to your winter jackets and boots, you can put on your stylish rubber boots and pair them up with a statement coat made of faux fur or something dramatic like vegan leather. Choose cheerful colours – turquoise, scarlet-red, zebra, or bright orange will make you stand out from the crowd no matter where you are.

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Ripped jeans

Ripped jeans are this year’s must-have, and the best thing about them is that they can be any model you’d like – boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, and mommy jeans are all good as long as they’re a bit ripped. If you want, you can upcycle a pair of old jeans you don’t want to wear anymore – rip the hem above the ankle or at the knee and apply some crazy patches (glittery and colourful ones are the best). Wear the jeans with stiletto heels or comfy sneakers, bomber jackets and off-shoulder blouses. This is a great way to save some money on new jeans and to express your creativity by adding stylish details to the old ones.

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Sometimes you have all the right items in your wardrobe, but you’re not sure how to combine them for an amazing outfit. Don’t be afraid to improvise and get creative with your clothes; you’ll discover unexpectedly stylish ways in which your most usual pieces can be worn. Fashion is what is popular at the moment, but style is what you do with the items you have. Get inspired and show your creativity to the world by combining things like a real fashion blogger.

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