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Keep Your Summer Glow All Year

Keep Your Summer Glow All Year

Most people think they look healthier and feel better with a tan. Whether you get your bronze color from the sun, a tanning bed or bottle – most of us like our appearance better with a tan. It is no secret that UV rays are harmful to our skin and cause skin cancer. Even knowing that many people still chose to worship the sun and even others pay money to soak up their UV’s in a tanning bed. The best solution to achieve that warm glow is with a sunless tan, also known as a spray tan.Keep Your Summer Glow All Year

At Beautologie, we are now offering South Seas® spray tanning. Our trained spray-tanning technicians will give you the flawless tan that you desire without the harmful effects of the sun. South Seas® is 100% paraban free and made of natural healing ingredients. South Seas® was established in 2001 and has been voted “Best of Beauty” by Allure Magazine for three years in a row, their Tahitian Tan solution is a favorite among many celebrities.

Spray tanning does not dye your skin or stain it and it is not a type of paint. It is a chemical reaction with the amino acids in the dead skin surface that makes your skin darken or bronze. The active ingredient is DHA (dihydroxyacetone), which is FDA approved and even recommended by the Skin Cancer Organization, the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Cancer Society and the American Medical Association. The bronzing effect of spray tanning is only temporary and does not require UV rays.

Sunless tanning is easy and safe and requires very little time. We recommend that you exfoliate your skin well before receiving a spray tan to gain the maximum benefits. And after a spray tan, refrain from taking a shower, sweating or going in the water for at least 5 hours. Your spray tan should last 5 to 10 days depending on your activities. The more time you spend in the ocean or water, the quicker it will fade.

Spray tanning is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are realizing the undeniable links between UV rays and skin cancer. Celebrities have been spray tanning for years, as they often want to look tan in the middle of the winter for a movie or performance. Tanning beds have been under scrutiny for sometime as well, with many people being on the fence as to whether they are more or less harmful than the actual sun itself. While a suntan the “old fashioned” way will last longer than a spray tan, it is also much more dangerous. If you want to have that summer glow all year or just for a special occasion, give sunless tanning (also know as spray tanning) a try. Call Beautologie today to schedule your appointment with one of our spray-tanning specialists.

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