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Having a nice wallet has always been a mark of cash and card savvy distinction. When a man pulls out a nylon wallet with a comic book character on it, admittedly there is an immediate judgment. The same is true if you pull out a wallet of advanced quality and style. There are several new options available which draw away from the classic wallet style. Now we move over to cool wallets with new designs, each having its own distinction and advantages.

Eliminating Bulk

One of the worst things about the traditional wallet design is the bulk of it and how easy it is to steal. Honestly, it is always visible in a pocket and, with open pockets secured only by a fold in the design, cards and cash can easily slip out. It is fine to carry a classic wallet. However, consider some more efficient designs and try them. Now we move toward simplicity as an advantage.

A very simply designed wallet which is known as the “Naked Wallet®” and this name must be mentioned because it clearly describes the nature of the design as simple and efficient. That is precisely what it is. The purpose of a wallet is to securely hold your cards and cash together in a manner which is secure, easy to carry, and simple for consistent access. With this in mind, minimal size with sizeable function would be the goal.

This wallet design is light, slim, and extraordinarily simple. By using band pressure, it is a simple, rectangular clamp which secures all of your financial material together in a single, compact bundle. Granted, it does show your cash and cards because this style of cool wallets is based on minimalism and function. The idea is to reduce the bulk, but still keep your material together.

Other Wallets

While the simple, basic design of the wallet style mentioned is rather classy, it can also be used in conjunction with a more complex design which is becoming increasingly popular. The slim band wallet of the Naked brand will easily group your categories of cards together. If you have an excess of cards and several of them are chip-embedded RFID credit cards, you may want to consider additional security.

A Code Wallet is another example of accessories to cool wallets. This is because it takes direct security into account. You may not be aware of this, but the new RFID chips in credit and debit cards make it easier for war drivers to steal your card and account information. All it takes is a cell phone and a key-generating algorithm program and it is easy to just walk by people and literally accumulate all card information.

A Code Wallet is designed to protect against such digital theft. The casing prevents scanning and thus keeps all cards secure. Meanwhile, using the Naked Wallet, you can easily bind and group your cards into sections of the code locked wallet.


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