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Top 5 Summer Outfit Combinations For Men

Floral shirt with chinos

As the temperatures rise, it’s easy to forget all about fashion and simply throw on whatever we feel comfortable in. Luckily, you don’t have to put yourself through that. There are plenty of outfit combinations that are both stylish and comfortable for the hot summer days. So forget about your oversized vest and rubber flip flops, take a look at these incredibly stylish outfit combinations to help you stay cool in the summer:

  1. Short-sleeved shirt with shorts – Once it gets hotter, it’s natural that you would want to ditch your full-sleeved shirts. Well-fitted shirts with short sleeves look perfect for the summer and the best part is that you get to stay cool and stylish with this look. Your focus should be on the cut and quality as well as the material used for the shirt. If you’re getting a cut that’s boxier, opt for something that’s slim-fitting but not tight. This means that your arms and chest area should have some space to move freely.
    Short-sleeved shirt with shortsSource: LookasticAs for the shorts, khakis, linens, and organic cotton are the best material choices. Look for something that ends just above the knees. The fit should be straight or tapered so as to get a casual yet smart look. Avoid shorts that are too tight, because that’s just going to make you feel uncomfortable in the sultry heat.
  2. Floral shirt with chinos – The common idea that floral prints are feminine makes many men shy away from them. In truth, nothing says “a man who’s comfortable with his personal style” than a well-fitted floral shirt. While there really are florals that seem too bold, you have plenty of options to perfectly pull off the floral shirt with chinos look.Floral shirt with chinos
    Source: Pinterest

    Remember DiCaprio in Romeo and Juliet? Maybe that’s not the best choice of floral shirts unless you wish to wear it as a Halloween design cloths. Instead of overly bold colors, opt for something with a light or dark neutral color as base. This will make it easier for you to pull off the look. Pair the shirt with trousers in muted neutral colors like black or beige to balance out the outfit. Unless you feel especially daring, avoid wearing printed chinos because the prints might clash too much.
  3. Polo shirt with trousers – With the seventies making a comeback, the polo shirt is becoming a huge trend in menswear. Polo shirts are usually made from breathable and lightweight fabrics, making them an ideal summer staple. The versatile polo shirt enables you to stay stylish while prioritizing comfort. Tailored trousers or chinos are perfect for this look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with textures and prints because unlike the floral shirt, polo shirts often come in basic prints and neutral tones.Polo shirt with trousers
    Source: Ashley Weston

    The polo shirt and trouser look is ideal for pulling off the all-white or all-grey trend. If you do make an attempt for this outfit, either get the polo or the trousers in interesting textures. This will help the outfit from being too dull.
  4. Overshirt with jeans – There are days when it gets a bit too cold to wear just a tee yet too warm to wear a jacket. A simple overshirt is the perfect cover-up option for the warmer days, making them a summer staple. Regardless of your personal style, you can find an overshirt to match your regular outfit. Opt for something in breathable fabrics like cotton or linen to stay cool without being too cold.
    Overshirt with jeansSource: Designer Studio StoreWear a lightweight denim shirt over a basic white tee with denims for a classic look. As for your denims, relaxed fit is the perfect staple for summer. The warmer days might get too balmy and sticky for tight-fit skinny jeans, so relaxed denims are the perfect way to stay cool.
  5. Suit with trainers – One of the hottest trends in menswear is the suit and trainer look. You might have the perfect summer suit but it’s easy to look overdressed with dress shoes. For the summer, you want a laidback and casual look that’s also stylish at the same time. Your lightweight summer suit looks perfect with trainers, but make sure the trousers hit a bit high up your legs so as to show off the trainers.
    Suit with trainersSource: It’s La Vida

    When picking out the suit, opt for lightweight materials like khaki or linen. As for colors, stick to the classics like beige, navy, black, or grey. Pick up a pair of classic trainers in all-white or all-black, so that you have something versatile to wear with anything. Picture a well-fitted navy suit with a pair of all-white sneakers. Or maybe a classic grey suit with all-black trainers.

You have plenty of outfit combination options to help you stay classy and cool for the summer. You probably already have many of these items, so jut put them together based on the colors and patterns. Whatever you do, make sure you dress to express yourself without compromising on style and comfort.

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