How to Pull Off Boho Jewellery

Boho Jewelry

In recent years a new look has become quite popular amongst followers of fashion. Known as the bohemian look, also known as Boho, the term is used to generally describe people who live artistic and unconventional lives. The easiest thing to compare them to would be a modern day hippie. The look itself can be described as similar to a gypsy, with long, flowing skirts, with plenty of greens, browns and whites. Many people not only wear the bohemian look, but also adopt the lifestyle too, which can be considered carefree.

The bohemian look relies heavily on accessories and if you want to emulate the look with perfection, then you are going to have to get yourself some Boho jewellery. If you are new to this look and are not sure where to start, then take a look at ChloBo Boho Jewellery, they have a great range of jewellery that will suit your needs. You an also look for ideas and inspiration on what to pair your clothes with, if you do a quick online search.

Bohemian Jewellery

In order for a piece of jewellery to be considered bohemian, they need to stand out from conventional pieces. Typically they will be a mix of different materials and colours and will quite often have a sort of shabby or handmade look to them.

A popular item, for any bohemian enthusiast, is a charm bracelet. A typical bracelet may be made of one main material, with different charms, however a Boho style bracelet may have many different materials which make up each part of the bracelet.  You can have a mixture of any the following:

  • Gem Stones.
  • Glass.
  • Ceramics.
  • Cotton.
  •  Leather.
  •  Metals.

It is entirely up to the wearer as to what kinds of bracelet they want. The possibilities are limitless. A popular choice is the charm bracelet, as you can customise the bracelet yourself too. Typically bohemian jewellery is considered to be bright, big and fun. Lots of colours and certainly not an option for a person, with minimalist tastes.

Charms good for style          

To add to the look, and when choosing a charm bracelet, you might want to consider the different charms out there that will help you achieve the look you are after. Whilst you can personalise your bracelet to show people who you are, you can also pick charms that will complement the Boho look. Here we list a few charms that might be considered as Boho. Although remember this is just a guide, and as such you should take into consideration your own ideas.


Feathers symbolise lightness, floating and a carefree attitude to life. Feathers are an essential part of any Boho charm bracelet. They can also symbolise angels and can be a good way to remember a loved one who has since passed. In connection with angels, they feather can also be seen as a symbol of protection.

Stars, Pentagrams, suns and moons

These charms tend to give off a mystical feel.  The stars could show that you dream big and have big ambitions. The moon could symbolise anything from sleep, to the wearer’s relaxed nature. Pentagrams, although may people consider them to be a symbol for evil or witchcraft, they are in fact neither of these. Some people like them because it is an interesting design and the symbol does not hold any malice for them.

As for suns, this could symbolise that you are the light of someone’s life, or that you are always happy. There’s an endless amount of ways to interpret these charms.

Chinese symbols or characters

If you decide to go for a Chinese character, don’t just choose one that looks nice. Do some research first. Find out what the characters mean and find one that best describes you, or the wearer. The most common and also popular are the characters for luck, wealth, health, peace and love.

Do it yourself

An easy way to get the perfect Boho look to any piece of jewellery is to go for the handmade look. You can either do this by going to a specialist shop and looking at what they have to offer. A great one to look at for inspiration is the ChloBo Charm Bracelets range, or alternatively you can make your own. The only limit is your imagination. You can be as creative as you like. It is also a great opportunity to find out what colours work for you. You can also find colours and materials to match your personality. That’s the great thing about bohemian style.

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