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Adorn yourself with a variety of luxurious silk scarves this season.

We offer a broad range of colours and patterns of silk scarves, suited toward any outfit in your wardrobe. Feel the epitome of elegance and softness around your neck, shoulders, waist – wherever you choose to drape your scarf.

Our silk scarves come in a variety of colours, including deep navy blues, rose coloured pinks and shades of grey. This season’s lineup features patterns such as paisley, floral, abstract, leopard and showcases the fluidity that fringe offers. Our scarves are designed with every woman in mind. Whether you prefer to wear silk scarves on romantic candle lit dates or as an accent to your work blazer; we offer a wide selection of appropriate options.

There simply isn’t one right way to wear a scarf. Try wearing your patterned scarf on neutral colours to allow your scarf to pop to the forefront of your outfit. To show off your curves, use a thin belt to cinch your scarf and outfit around your waist. Loop your scarf twice around your neck to add extra layers to your outfit. For a casual look, wrap your scarf and knot at the front to wear with an oversized sweater. Add a touch of class to your beach attire by wrapping your hair up in your towel – also achieves the retro look if you add a pair of oversized sunglasses. Our swimwear line is extensive, so have a look to see what kinds of combinations are possible.

We achieve the look of our stunning silk scarves by thoroughly inspecting the quality of fabric and stitching on each and every item. Athena Procopiou ensures that every client is happy and well clothed, and our scarves are no different. Enjoy the soft and effortless feeling of a sumptuous scarf today.

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