Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping

Online Shopping

As the country progressed, online shopping was introduced and it has many advantages and some disadvantages.


Without any doubt, the greatest benefit of online shopping is that the customer is not required to leave his comfortable home. Time, transport and parking costs, waiting for your turn in long queues and the efforts involved in transporting the goods to home, men are free from these by engaging in online shopping.

The second benefit is the variety of choices offered to an online customer. On the internet a number of products can be compared by the online comparison search engines. This can save cost per item purchase. If you are looking for a specific product, certainly available from specialist store, the range of the products you find on the internet is certainly more than you find on your local stores.

The third benefit of the online shopping is the protection of your purchase till it is delivered to the specific address and the online shopping also offered Distance selling Regulation, which gives purchaser the authority to cancel the agreement of the goods at no cost but within the fixed period of time. Companies like give you money back as well in case you didn’t receive your product. But for this you have to read the return policy of the website.

Finally, online shopping gives comfort to the customer and ease to purchase. However, there are also some disadvantages of online shopping.


One of the foremost disadvantage of online shopping is the requirement to have person’s own personal computer or laptop or at least have access to one of these components and obviously must have the skill to master its use correctly to use the online shopping market. Although in this generation, people with these types of problems are definitely in minority, however it still remains the disadvantage of this means of shopping.

When you are shopping in the real market, you are able to see and touch and feel the product’s quality that you are buying. Online shopping doesn’t support this. The extreme you are able to do is to see a picture of the goods that you are concerned to buy. Whilst you cannot even guess the quality of the product you are seeing on the internet.

There can be a considerable stoppage in receiving your items that you bought on the internet, whereas you also have direct access to those items purchased in a store.

You also have to arrange your time and give some of your personal time to receive the delivery from the delivery man. Sometimes there is also some important delivery costs involved.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages are provided of the online shopping. The fact is that it is easy and quick.

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