I have a small wardrobe that consists of all black pieces. And today I’m going to tell you why I only wear black, because I get this question always. So let’s start the story.

First of all it makes shopping fast and easy. It doesn’t matter if you are going to visit a second-hand store or a fashion mall to buy something new. Black options are usually clearly limited, so I just go in those parts, see if they have what I want, if they do not – I move on, if they do – I try it on. It is very quick, very easy, very in and out and I love that.

It takes any time at all to get ready in the morning. I don’t have many options of clothing anyway but all black makes the process even easier. If I’m wearing a dress I just add some belt or earrings or necklace, if I’m wearing two or three pieces I just layer those together. I like to go with different textures as well so when I’m layering it is not a big deal.

Easy wash. I can put all my wardrobe in washing machine without being afraid that some of my clothes will get another color.

It’s classy. It is just so feminine and full of class. It’s timeless. It fits any skin tone. Black goes with any season. No matter what season of the year or what season of my life I’m going through, black works. I can wear black to funeral and I can wear black to wedding, black to church, black to a party, it just doesn’t matter. I can be slim or curvy, sad or not, nevermind. Black is slimming, everyone knows that. I like that black doesn’t make me look bigger, that people look at my face more often anyway thinking about me and not about what I’m wearing. I don’t wanna be remembered with how I wear, I’m not Lady Gaga. I wanna be remembered with how I live, with my personality. No one in my real life doesn’t notice this anymore (my black outfit I mean).

And of course you spend less money for clothes, because black is not the color of the season or something, that you will wear three months and then that piece of cloth will die in your closet all alone.

I don’t tell you to rid of all your colored things, I just want you to open your eyes and open your mind and not to run to the mall to buy a red dress if someone doesn’t like your total black look.

Debra Janet
Hi, I'm Debra Janet and I'm a fashion blogger. I really like to help people who want to know more about the Fashion world.

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