Style Differently With a Poncho

Style Differently With a Poncho

Those, who do not know how to carry a poncho, can find this fashionable garment a bit intimidating. It does consist of a lot of fabric, may not look much flattering on someone who does not wear it the right way or may end up looking too casual. However, when you sport it the right way, it can look extremely stylish and outstanding and can become a wardrobe piece which every girl would wish to own.

Undeniably, a winter poncho is quite cozy and beautiful to look at and exudes a boho-chic appeal. Look around and you would notice models and celebs, like Olivia Palermo and Taylor Swift flaunting ponchos in the most well-groomed way. When it comes to covering up the trendy way nothing could be as bright and ethnic as a poncho. One of the key trends of this winter is to adorn a stylish, fur-trimmed poncho. The fluffy firs look quite plush and classy, and when adorned the right way can definitely turn out being a style statement. These classic yet casual informal pieces are cozy and come in a flotilla of colors and interesting patterns.

Be it a cozy dinner date or luncheon with your friends, a poncho can attract everyone’s attention. You can even wear it with a pair of boyfriend jeans or a skirt and tag along a fresh handbag.

Here are a few effective yet stylish ways of adorning a poncho:

Wear with jeans, skirts and trousers

You can graciously adorn a poncho with anything. One of the best ways to taper down this garment’s bulkiness is by adorning it with narrowed jeans, a skirt or even trousers. If you wish that it does not violate the proportion of your body, wear it with straight jeans or pants that are a bit narrow. This will look elegant and casual at the same time. You could also flaunt a poncho with ripped jeans, and team it well with a great handbag and see heads turn as you pass by.

Choose Trendy Prints

This particular style will look modish, trendy irrespective of the fact that the poncho is long or even short. Ones that come with an ethnic touch look extremely voguish and for this you could for ones that come with tassels, fringes and distinctive geometric patterns.

Choose the right boots when pairing with short or mini skirts

Even though you can opt to wear ponchos with a short, midi or even miniskirts, the point here to consider is to select the right pair of shoes. You could opt to go with high boots that will look classy yet extremely trendy at the same time elegantly provocative too.

Prints are definitely in

Do not fret or fear from prints and they add a glam yet easy to go touch.

Add a belt and flaunt your figure

We all know how ponchos are known for their feminine silhouettes and you can make all the change by simply adding a belt to it. There you go, you notice the hourglass figure popping out beautifully and by now you know what the trick it!

Ponchos can turn out being extremely ethnic in character, when teamed with the right clothes and accessories. It can look extremely graceful and chic too. Ponchos have, with time, earned a decent place in the world of fashion and you will notice celebs and models adorning it in the most stylish way. With time, it has become one of the most favorite outerwears for woman’s fashion designers too and they come out with more intrinsic designs and styles, making it such an adorable yet cozy outer garment for winters.

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