Tips for Choosing Best Bottoms for Pregnant Women


There are thousands of fashion tips for pregnant women about choosing evening dresses or proper belly bands, but fashion experts very rarely speak about the issue of choosing bottoms for women in a delicate condition. We decided to change and improve this injustice and prepared several tips for choosing pants, skirts, jeans and any other possible bottoms for pregnant women.

Pants and Jeans. There is no single woman in a developed world that does not have a pair of quality jeans in her wardrobe. So when you get pregnant it is not the reason to forget about jeans. In order to choose the best jeans for pregnant women you should remember that your belly will grow and so you will need extra support starting from the second trimester. The only way to get that extra support is to buy maternity jeans with a built-in belly band that will significantly lighten the pressure on your back.

Apart from classic jeans remember to get a pair of pants for everyday wear. You can opt for classic pants as a kind of official wear, or simply check sweatpants for pregnant women; at this point the choice will depend on your way of life.
In any case, look for comfortable and loose models of pants and jeans that will not be slim and too tight for you, because from 5-6ер month of pregnancy you will need as much freedom as you can get.

Remember to opt exactly for maternity clothes because standard sizing and shapes will most likely not fit you even during the 5th month and further.

Skirts. Loose skirts and long cotton skirts are ideal for pregnant women. During the warm seasons they offer perfect ventilation and freedom. On the other hand, long skirts made of dense fabrics are ideal for winter time. Skirts come in a great variety of styles to help you match your style to any situation in your maternity life. For instance, pencil skirts are best for office appearances and business meetings, while if combined with stylish tops can suit even for an evening party. Long skirts are better for summer times and can look extremely fashionable at any occasion.

Many skirts for pregnant women also come with built-in belly bands just as jeans and can offer you additional support and beauty.

Keep in mind that skirts come with different waistlines as well as jeans and pants so make sure to try different options to choose the most comfortable and versatile one.

Leggings. And the final point at the description of maternity bottoms is about the best leggings for pregnant women. Leggings are ideal for everyday lifestyle, workouts and if matched properly even for parties. They also come with supportive built-in belly bands some can even offer extra support for the veins. Make sure to choose not too tight models in order not to restrict your moves. And the most important fact about leggings – they might seen-through, so make sure that you choose dense fabrics not to look foolish!

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