5 Top Cocktail Dresses at Paris Runways

Cocktail Dresses

The shows were no different from one another; they were all offering dress ideas for the upcoming seasons that ranged from the copy cats to the pros. The dresses colors were not for wallflowers: yellow tones and magenta pink were fixtures in every dress collection on the runways and sometimes they came in small doses, while other times they came big, and all seen on a cocktail dress. We witnessed a return of the 80’s in a roaring color and voluminous shoulder pad which the population is ready to embrace.

The fashion month brought a significant end to the runway weeks, presentations as well as street style. As always, the best shows come last, so they did this season, and made sure to give the industry a reason to wake up and pay attention long to the trends that are to come. It was a week where many of the trends were refined to their most cogent form and where the new, surprising ones took hold, leaving the rest crawling to catch up. My favorite show was of course the new cocktail dress collection by Mark & Roberts.

1.Valentino – Magenta Pink

The relatively subdued, bold pink dress trend that took Milan this season got a fresh jolt of energy in Paris, with deep fuchsias, magentas, and shocking Schiaparelli pinks dresses dominating the runways. Valentino went head to toe on the runway, including a vibrant shade of shoes. The floating high-neck, pinky long-sleeved, maxi attire looked chic, and although there wasn’t any sign of skin showed at the model, it still looked sensual at the show. It is perfect for cocktails even wedding parties. I think Valentino proved that Pink is The New Red.

2.Transparency, Transparency Everywhere

Not every trend for the next season is wardrobe friendly. Transparency in general was everywhere that week, but more importantly was how little of the usual garments were present. At Saint Laurent, one mini dress, half chest covered in leather while the other covered in silver pasty.

3.Roberto Cavalli – Lace

Cavalli’s attires always win the runways, so did this time without doubt. If you believe it or not, of all the marvelous creations that we saw, we chose the black – we simply cannot help it with this dark elegant color. A deep plunging neckline, an attire made classy covered in lace, was shown by a beautiful model that week. It is a brilliant combination of sexy and bohemian– turning it in sensually chic. Floor length garb that perfectly hugs a body figure is made to be walked gracefully. All of Cavalli’s dresses were just amazing.

4.Fendi – Pleats Please!

Being one of the top trends at the week, we saw a good amount of it at the runways. It is a gorgeous look all in all and definitely worth screening through the amazing appearances this season. They appeared on knee length skirts but mostlyat long attires. We also saw them at Gucci quite, appearing with several layers of colorful goodness.Many of the major brands have added the pleated pieces to their fashion collections but the ones that we couldn’t take our eyes off were at Fendi’s. We saw side pleats; barely there pleats, as well as those spotted in dual, tone garments.

5.Lux Velvet – Again Fendi

The use of season ‘17’s color shades on the lux velvet has never looked better, and pairing it with pantsuits makes an outfit for a modern comeback of the 80’s, as seen at Fendi’s dress designs. Crazy fuchsia prevailed there, while giving us slight pieces of sporty appearances which looked pretty well matched with same color and fabric boots. It is the wonderful combination of velvet and lace that we saw, especially with a lot of layers, as the main trend. There is so much velvet seen throughout the runway that we can easily name it the material of the year!

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