6 Important Things You Should Know About Your Flower Girl


Your flower girl is one of the topmost attractions of your wedding. Obviously, she looks even cuter than usual because of her special role in a special dress. So, before you choose your flower girl and her dress, you need to get some useful information. Here it is.

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1. What does a Flower Girl Do Traditionally?

A flower girl is typically 3 to 8 years old. However, it’s not a hard and fast rule. After all, it’s your wedding – you can even choose your grandma as your flower girl or even a 9-month old baby who should be held by her parents to spread flower petals on your path. These lovely offbeat flower girls too are extremely adorable.

Whoever your flower girl is, her role is to go before the maid of honour down the aisle, spreading flowers while walking. She can walk down with the ring bearer or follow him.

Also traditionally flower girls scatter flowers, but flowers can be replaced by other items like confetti. You can be as creative as you want about what your flower girl should spread on your way. For example, if you have multiple flower girls, you can have them blow bubbles or hold balloons while walking down the aisle. It’s totally your choice.

2. Whom to Ask?

Ask a child (her parents) to become your flower girl who is in close relation with you, e.g. your cousin, niece, child of your close friend or even of yourself if you have one. But remember, you can never have a lot of flower girls.

3. What Should the Flower Girl Wear?

Flower girls normally wear attractive white frocks adorned with embroidery, laces, ruffles, sequins or any embellishments you want or can imagine. There is no rule as such regarding this. Sometimes, a flower girl’s dress can be a mini version of the bridal gown and the little bride looks very cute.

Traditional colours for the flower girl’s dresses are ivory or light pink, you can choose any bright and vibrant colours that can match your wedding colour theme and the bridesmaids’ dresses. Look at the Canberra bridesmaid dresses from Bridesmaids Only for inspiration.

4. Who Should Buy the Dress?

Typically, the parents of the flower girl should purchase her the dress. Although you can choose the dress for her, make sure if her parents have the budget for buying the dress you choose.

Also, looking for cheap dresses is feasible from the point of view of the fact that the dress can be easily spoiled as a little girl will wear it.

Still, if her parents can afford, they can choose and pay for their daughter’s flower girl designer dresses.

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5. How to Choose the Best of Both Worlds?

Your flower girl’s dress should be not only of your or her parents’ choice but also of her choice so that she can enjoy her role. It should also be cheap but beautiful. These criteria may make you feel a little daunted. However, if you take her and her parents for shopping, and find a beautiful, comfortable yet cheap dress, you can have a perfect dress for your flower girl.

6. How to Thank Your Flower Girl?

It’s a sweet gesture on your part to reward your flower girl for being a part of your big day. She will feel proud and important with it and her excitement and enthusiasm will be maintained for the day.

Talk to her or her parents beforehand about her likings and choose an appropriate gift which she would be happy with. A lovely delicate bracelet or necklace or a nice little handkerchief may be perfect which she can wear or use on the event.

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