Best Pork Pie Hats In London That Complement Your Look

best pork pie hat in London

Despite wearing the best attires that you have in your wardrobe for an office party or a bash, at times, you will feel the need of something extra that can really uplift your look and personality. At the same time, you long for becoming contemporary and stylish for the occasions. You know what; the best pork pie hat in London can effortlessly add that wing to your personality and look. If this sounds too much for you, we advise you to have patience while we explore the unmatched features of a pork pie hat in London.

Things to know about the best pork pie hat in London:

  • Variety: You should know that the pork pie hat is actually the family name for three to four types of hats that are extremely popular among the people around the world. In fact, chances are high that you will always find your type of hat here befitting your personality and style statement. In the process, you will rediscover yourself among the family, friends, colleagues, and the guests in formal/informal gatherings when you put on a pork pie hat on the head. The best part is that you can get a hat for everyone here such as men, women, and kids.
  • Rich pedigree: You will be pleasantly surprised to know that pork pie hats have a very rich pedigree that dates back 1830. British and American women started wearing them first and it is the shape of the hat that is presumably the reason for calling it as the pork pie hat. In those days, these hats were made of just any material such as straw and cotton canvas to name a few here.

However, pork pie hats began its journey among the male in Britain in the year 1920. After many changes, pork pie hats are now considered contemporary with a feel of the macho-man. According to Glenn O’Brien, American writer and one of the top 10 most stylish men in America by GQ Magazine, you can be known as one of the determined hipsters wearing a pork pie hat on the head. That is the catch here.

  • Exclusivity: Pork pie hats have undergone many changes around the world as you see from their long journey in the fashion world. Similarly, you will be glad to know that there are some pork pie hats in the market. This, in other words, means when you wear such a hat, you essentially create a telltale around you in the eyes of the people in the social gatherings.
  • Customised hat: This is yet another feature that can attract you to the best pork pie hat in London. The scope of customisation of the pork pie hats makes them all the more adorable compared to other hats in the market. After customisation of a pork pie hat, it becomes unique befitting your body type and features. In the process, you look elegant and thus, create a positive vibe around you.

Choose the pork pie hats carefully and enjoy the ecstasies of life in your outings.

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